UPDATE: Anniversary Week

It was seven years ago that we christened our first home “Jeremiah House” (named so because it was like the pit I imagined that Jeremiah’s fellow Israelites threw him into). Out of that small, 2 bedroom house, we started the Gainesville Catholic Worker in October 2000. During those early months, we started the Breakfast Brigade (with lots of strange looks at the labor pools when we showed up with homemade bread and eggs, and folks were both suspicious and thankful); we formalized the Sunday dinners at St. Francis House, which Kelli had started while working at St. Augustine’s Church; and we shared our home with a few guests in need of a place to stay. The house was too small and falling apart so we opted out of our lease in June and started looking for a better, bigger place in the same neighborhood, Pleasant Street.

For the next three years, Kelli kept it all going: The Breakfast Brigade was run out of her home (with her, some Pax Christi students, her kids and their friends handling it all); the dinners at St. Francis House kept on going with help from Diedre and the youth program out at the blueberry farm; Kelli started community gardens at numerous schools thru the Neighborhood Nutrition Network and a group of us, on behalf of the GCW, ”adopted” the garden at the Sidney Lanier School/Anchor Center, working with the kids there; and Kelli shared her home on occasion with young women in need of shelter. And we kept looking for a new house where we could have a live-in, intentional community, host dinners, do alternative theological education, etc.

In March 2004, we started negotiations to buy our current home, “the Blue House,” at 218 NW 2nd Ave (formerly The Birth Center). We closed the deal in July 2004, took several months moving in and getting started, and we “formally” opened in October 2004, making this also our 3rd anniversary at our current location. The last few years have been both a challenge and a blessing as we have thrived and struggled, made mistakes and seen many of our dreams for this Catholic Worker community come to fruition.

So, this is our ”Anniversary Week,” culminating on Sunday with an anniversary party and open house from 1-4pm, and we are SO hopeful that many of you–friends, supporters, volunteers, EVERYONE–will join us!

Please come and celebrate with us if you can, or join us anytime this week for any of our regular activities which will include an ”anniversary” theme!


Join us for a simple vegetarian dinner Tuesday thru Friday, 6pm.

TUESDAY – Breakfast Brigade, 4:15-7am. If you’ve always wanted to, but just couldn’t quite get out of bed, this is the week we know you can do it! Join us in preparing a homemade breakfast of fresh-baked cinnamon-raisin bread, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh fruit, which we share with our friends at three area labor pools. AND you get to eat some of the bread–with honey butter–too!Scripture Study, 6-7:30pm. We’re studying the book of Exodus, and last week we looked at the birth narrative about Moses, where all the women–even Pharaoh’s own daughter–are breaking the law on behalf of the vulnerable and oppressed. (Click here to read more about last week’s study.) We share a simple meal just before we study so feel free to come hungry or even bring something to share.

WEDNESDAY – Morning prayer at the GCW, 7:15-45am. Join us for a simple, reflective morning prayer each Wednesday at the house. Jake leads this week’s reflection.At 11:30am, on the Plaza of the Americas at UF, our good friends from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) will be staging a march and rally to address justice issues they have with Burger King. The CIW folks will be staying at the GCW on Tuesday night before the rally and also speaking in town at several locations, including the Civic Media Center on Tuesday evening. Please join us in supporting the workers by coming out for the rally!Wednesday Night Live, 6-9pm. Students and graduates from UF and Santa Fe provide an evening of fun–a meal and a movie–for our friends, visitors and guests at the house. Join them at 6pm to help prepare this week’s meal, with serving beginning at 7pm.

THURSDAY – Roundtable discussion and dinner. Being our anniversary week, Johnny will share about the Catholic Worker movement, the Gainesville Catholic Worker’s projects and philosophy, and answer all your questions. We discuss and converse while sharing a delicious meal at 6pm. We’ve been getting great turnouts for roundtables this semester, and we’ve had to stretch the food to feed everyone (a good dilemma to have). SO, please bring a dish–salad, bread, some fruit, anything–to share if you can. If you can’t, no worries; just show up!

FRIDAY – Breakfast Brigade, 4:15-7am. A second chance (!) to join us in preparing a homemade breakfast of fresh-baked cinnamon-raisin bread, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh fruit, which we share with our friends at three area labor pools.

SUNDAY – GCW anniversary celebration, 1-4pm. It will be a potluck event, so please bring drinks or food to share (finger foods, et al) with the Servants of Christ Anglican Church providing food as well! We’ll have music, ongoing tours of the house, and at 2pm, Dr. David Hackett, chair of the Department of Religion at UF and a regular volunteer at the house (with his two kids), will give a short talk about the Catholic Worker movement, take questions, etc. Everyone is invited and you can drop by anytime between 1-4pm.

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