Dear friends, 

Folks at the house all feel that yesterday’s cafe went really well–beautiful weather, good food, happy guests, and a great crew from St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Middleburg joining us to help serve and share in our meal. I had the opportunity to speak with the group of volunteers from St. Luke’s earlier in the week, telling them about the Catholic Worker House and the organization I work for, Pax Christi USA. These folks are members of the JustFaith program at their church–a really exciting, intense and transformative program that many Catholic churches have turned to in order to help their members connect their faith with being God’s agents of justice and peace within the world. To introduce St. Luke’s to our work at the GCW, we studied the story of Moses’ birth in the book of Exodus together, concentrating on one of the insights which came out of our regular scripture study at the GCW–the action of Pharaoh’s daughter as a model of solidarity. (Click here to see more on that.) JustFaith is a terrific program and we’re really excited about hosting several other JustFaith groups over the next few months as they undertake “border crossings,” opportunities to connect with and practice solidarity with people in our society who are marginalized or oppressed for a variety of reasons.  

We also had a great discussion at the Roundtable on Thursday with Rev. Jim Wright, Episcopal priest and director of the Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless. We talked about Gandhi’s initial experiments with nonviolence, his influences, and the impact of his thought and practice on the world today. Click here to read more about it on the GCW website.  

Thanks also to Natalie Saltmarsh and Kendera Omanga for leading last Tuesday’s scripture study!  

Here’s what is going on this week at the house: 


Join us for a simple vegetarian dinner Tuesday thru Friday, 6pm. 

TUESDAY – Breakfast Brigade, 4:15-7am. Join us in preparing a homemade breakfast of fresh-baked cinnamon-raisin bread, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh fruit, which we share with our friends at three area labor pools.  Scripture Study, 6-7:30pm. We’re studying the book of Exodus–oppression, revolution, liberation–all that good stuff. Consider this your invitation to join us. We share a simple meal just before we study so feel free to come hungry or even bring something to share.  

WEDNESDAY – Morning prayer at the GCW, 7:15-45am. Join us for a simple, reflective morning prayer each Wednesday at the house. Al Cason leads this week’s reflection. Wednesday Night Live, 6-9pm. Join a terrific group of students and young adults who regularly host this evening of fun and food. Show up at 6-ish to help prepare; 7pm to help serve.  

THURSDAY – Roundtable discussion and dinner. This week, join us for: “They Never Looked Favorably Upon Us: A Mexican Community’s Response to Border Militarization,” with Leah Sarat presenting. Leah is a doctoral student in Religion in the Americas at the University of Florida .  As a volunteer with Annunciation House from 2001-2003, she coordinated a women’s migrant shelter in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and helped lead U.S. college students in Border Awareness immersion tours.  Leah ‘s research interests include ritual studies, indigenous religions of the Americas , and the religious dimensions of U.S.-Mexico border crossing.  She is currently examining how the residents of El Alberto, an indigenous community in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, recreate the experience of undocumented U.S.-Mexico border crossing for tourists in a guided nighttime hike known as the “Caminata Nocturna.” We discuss and converse while sharing a delicious meal at 6pm. We’ve been getting great turnouts for roundtables this semester, and we’ve had to stretch the food to feed everyone (a good dilemma to have). SO, please bring a dish–salad, bread, some fruit, anything–to share if you can. If you can’t, no worries; just show up!  

FRIDAY – Breakfast Brigade, 4:15-7am. Join us in preparing a homemade breakfast of fresh-baked cinnamon-raisin bread, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh fruit, which we share with our friends at three area labor pools.  

SATURDAY – Pax Christi Florida hosts their annual assembly with Bishop Thomas Gumbleton at the Hurley House at St. Augustine‘s Church. At 10am, they will host a gathering of young adults interested in learning more about Pax Christi in the Hurley House.  

The GCW is providing meals (Sat lunch and dinner; Sun lunch) for the Pax Christi assembly and could use some help with prep, cooking, and clean-up. If you are available anytime on Saturday or between 9am and 2pm on Sunday, email us at gvillecw@yahoo.com to help out. 

SUNDAY – Dorothy’s Cafe. Preparation begins at 2pm, serving at 4pm, and clean-up is from 5:30-7pm. This week we’ll be joined by volunteers from the youth group at United Church of Gainesville. The UCG folks will be providing the soup (mmmm, lentil, I believe), fruit and we’ll make bread at the house. We can always use a few extra volunteers and probably some extra fruit too.  

In peace,

the GCW community 

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