FOOD: Winter Farmer’s Market Goodness


We know that buying directly from local farmers is a good thing – for all kinds of reasons.  But on a cold, wet morning like this one, it was still hard to get up and go. 

But, as always, I’m so glad I did.  Where else would you find homemade jelly from locally grown summer blueberries, advice on protecting lettuce from the cold and from chickens, empathy for a sick family member, a few extra heads of cabbage tucked in for dinners at the House?  And really, really good, fresh food grown from people you know and trust.  Despite the recent freeze, there were crates of citrus of all kinds, a variety of lettuce and other greens, root vegetables like turnips, potatoes and radishes, pecans, and cold-weather transplants (and advice) for your own garden.  It’s heartwarming to buy your food at the market.  And good for them too.  The recent hard freeze set them back a little, and they deserve our support.

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to make a fresh salad.  It was so good, I wanted to share the ingredients with you – all local – except some residual maple syrup in the dressing: 

Salad – mix of torn arugula leaves and thinly sliced chinese cabbage, topped with satsuma orange sections, pecans and a chopped (rare and greenhouse grown) red bell pepper.

Dressing – equal parts olive oil and rice vinegar with a little salt and sweetener.  I shook mine in a recently used maple syrup bottle and the remaining bit of syrup was a great addition.

 The Saturday farmer’s market is at the intersection of NW 34th Street and 441, next to the highway patrol station (and driver’s license bureau).  They’re open from 8:30 till around noon in the winter.  The Wednesday market is downtown in the plaza and opens at 4.  Go.  It’s good in so many ways. 


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