ROUNDTABLE: And They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our …

That was the title Diedre Houchen gave the Roundtable discussion she led last Thursday.  After sharing some of her own faith journey, she invited others to share a bit of their own.  Many had similar tales of finding connection with a particular community or way of being “spiritual,” then leaving to move on to something else.  The two ends of the Christian spectrum that folks moved along seemed to be the personal encounter with Jesus and vs. the mandate to follow Jesus’ “Way.”  This is a well-documented divide: Evangelical (conservative) vs. Progressive (liberal). Diedre wondered if there was any commonality, any way for the two to “talk.”  We didn’t come to any conclusions, but hopeful ideas like humility, openness, honest debate, and recognition of a common search for meaning were discussed.  In the end, it seems helpful to recognize that each of us comes to “faith,” or seeking faith, from a place of vulnerability that should be honored – regardless of our own conclusions (or current resting place).

Diedre recommends an episode of Krista Tippet’s “Speaking of Faith”- Evangelicals Out of the Box – as a great follow-up.  It’s a big subject and one that causes a lot of heartache between people who call themselves followers of Christ.



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