HOUSE NEWS: Cafe Changes

Years ago, when we first started the Cafe, we held it at St. Francis House on Sunday nights – a timeslot that was available to us and one that made it easy for families at our parish to be involved.  After opening Jubilee House in the fall of 2004, we expanded its hours and eventually moved from serving twice a month to three times a month.

We are trying out a new schedule this semester: serving lunch/dinner from 12-6 on Tuesdays and Thursdays – and adding a once-a-month party on a weekend day.  We’ll stick with the same simple (but hopefully delicious) menu for the Cafe – soup made with local ingredients, bread, and seasonal fruit.  For the monthly celebrations, we’ll have some more flexibility.  Still healthy, but some party food as well. We’re hoping this change will provide more good food and hospitality for folks who need it as well as opportunities for volunteers to help out regularly and share a good meal with some good people.  And we are anticipating that the monthly parties will still provide opportunities for folks who are available only on weekends to participate.

Here’s how to get involved with Dorothy’s Cafe:  On Tuedays and Thursdays we’ll get started 10:00 am, kneading dough, chopping vegetables, and setting up the downstairs as a cafe. Donations of local vegetables and fruit, as well as soup staples like dried beans, rice, pasta, etc. are very welcome.  And we’ll need assistance in the kitchen and dining room as well.  Food will be served from noon till 6pm, and there will be ongoing clean-up and socializing. 

We anticipate a smaller crowd while folks get used to the new schedule, but we’ve already had people knocking at the door at noon and have been told that serving two days a week (8-9 times each month) will be a real help.

We are also excited about the monthly celebrations.  Our first one will be our fourth anniversary party on the Feast of St. Francis – October 5.  Look for details in late September about how you can participate.

Tomorrow is the first day of the New Dorothy’s Cafe. Our menu will include lentil soup with sweet potatoes, challah bread (thanks to the folks at Lighteredwood Ranch for the extra eggs!), and muscadine grapes. We’d love your help or to just have you join us at the table.

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