HOUSE NEWS: Sept. 8-14

Iris, Patrick, Moraa

New Community Members: Iris, Patrick, Moraa

Dear friends,

So, we’re off and running! Last week was our first week experimenting with the new schedule, and it was both busy and exciting. Between the Tuesday and Thursday cafes, we served about 175 meals; both Wednesday and Friday Breakfast Brigades came off without a hitch, sharing breakfast with about 150-180 folks between the two days; Thursday was our first Roundtable, with twenty of us sharing a meal and welcoming ritual for new community members Patrick, Iris, and Baby Moraa; and numerous visits from old friends–students and volunteers, homeless folks happy to know our door is open to them, and many others.

This Tuesday, at 6pm, we start our regular scripture study at the house for the semester. We try to do scripture a little different at the GCW than what some of you may be used to in your churches, from Sunday school, etc. We start with the premise that these stories have something really thought-provoking and life-changing to tell us about the world in which we live. We emphasize that the stories in Scripture are critiques of our own culture and our own society, and the stories that various segments of society try to indoctrinate us with regarding questions about value, meaning, what it means to be human, what our responsibilities are to one another and more. We believe that the story about the Reign of God, which is at the heart of Scripture, is a story which critiques the world we live in–its various systems be they political, economic, religious, etc–and challenges us to live our lives in such a way as to give witness to a deeper reality, an alternative vision of what this world could be. So, if you feel so inclined, join us Tuesdays, starting around 6pm, for some soup and bread and the study this semester of the book of the “Acts of the Apostles.” (Check back here on Tuesday morning for a post on how we approach scripture at our studies.)

Thursday at 6pm, we’re excited to have Amanda Haymond from the City of Gainesville’s Office on Homelessness join us as our Roundtable speaker. Amanda is a VISTA volunteer, and her specific project is the “Faces of Grace Speakers’ Bureau,” aimed at providing speakers who are or have been homeless to area groups, schools, and places of worship. Remember that the Roundtable is a potluck affair, so bring a dish to share if you can, or just show up. We start at 6pm and finish up at about 7:30pm.

And lastly, please join us in volunteering this week at any of our Breakfast Brigades (Wed and Fri at 4:15am) or Dorothy’s Cafes (anytime between 9:30am and 5:30pm). We’ve been a little short-handed and sure could use both folks willing to commit to being a regular volunteer for any of these projects or folks who can show up just whenever they have some free time. If you’re interested especially about being part of the regular “team” for any of these projects, please let us know so we can count on you.

For the rest of this week’s schedule, click here.

Thanks for all your support,



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