HOUSE NEWS: We need you! Yes, you!

Dear friends,

We are still in need of more volunteers to help out regularly with Dorothy’s Cafe.  We’re experimenting this fall by offering the cafe 8-9 times a month, instead of 3, and we’re doing it on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from noon to 6pm. It would be SO good to have 4-6 volunteers throughout the day; right now we’re operating usually on only 2-3 for most of the day.

Here are some perfect times to think about volunteering; it would be great to have a team of at least four people at each of these times: 10am to noon – Preparation (chopping fresh vegetables, setting the tables, baking bread, cutting flowers, making things beautiful and welcoming); noon to 2pm – Lunch Serving (serving soup and bread, keeping up with dishes, visiting with guests, etc); 2 to 4pm – Prep/Serving/Clean-up (cleaning up from lunch, preparing more food if necessary, visiting with guests, etc); and 4 to 6pm – Early Dinner Serving and Clean-up (serving soup and bread, breaking down the kitchen and dining room and cleaning everything up). Of course, all of this also includes eating some of the most delicious soup and hime-baked bread you will find anywhere!

We especially will need extra help this Thursday, from noon to 5pm. I (John) will be out-of-town at a meeting and we’ll be a little short-handed.

So, regular, committed volunteers would be great, but even if you can only come for an hour every once in awhile, please join us! We need you!

ROUNDTABLE: This week at the house, we’re excited to have Patrick O’Dell, our good friend and extended community member, as our speaker for Thursday’s Roundtable. Patrick is a student at UF, and for the past year he has been off having some incredible experiences, literally around the world. Patrick will lead a discussion for us on WWOOF-ing, i.e. Willing Workers on Organic Farms (or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), share his experiences WWOOF-ing in New Zealand this past year, give us a little background on this movement, and some of what he learned about organic food, sustainability practices, and more.

SCRIPTURE: And join us this Tuesday at 6pm as we dive into the book of Acts for scripture study this semester. We promise you that you’ll encounter scripture like never before.

For the rest of this week’s schedule, click here.

As always, thanks for your support and generosity!

In peace,



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