HOUSE NEWS: The struggle of indigenous communities and a big thank you!

Dear friends,

This week at the Roundtable, we are really fortunate to have one of our own, Tatiana Gumucio, share her experience living with and working among indigenous communities in Bolivia. Tatiana, a parishioner at Holy Faith Catholic Church and a grad student in anthropology at UF, has been a regular volunteer with the Breakfast Brigade and has already shared with several of us some of what she was working on this past summer. At the Roundtable, she’ll share with us some of her project: studying the relationship of power between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Amazonian indigenous communities. Specifically she’ll talk about the Yuqui, a hunter-gatherer society, and the challenges they face as modern society encroaches upon their land and their way of life. She’ll talk about the struggle of indigenous people in Latin America, their efforts to assert their rights, and the dynamic between those acting as their advocates and the people themselves. Join us if you can, and as always, feel free to bring a dish to share!

Also this week: On the last Saturday of each month, we’ll be showing a new documentary at the house, starting this Saturday at 7pm with God Grew Tired of Us, a film about three “lost boys” of Sudan, their escape from the war, and their immigration to the U.S. Feel free to join us!

And THANK YOU to all of you who responded to our request for extra volunteers at Dorothy’s Cafe! We have had an excellent turnout of volunteers the past 3 cafes, and it has made the preparation, serving and clean-up of this meal go so much smoother. As has been our experience from the start, it is especially gratifying to see people who are homeless working alongside students, church folks, retirees, and others. It has been one month since we started this “new schedule”, and we’re now evaluating how this experiment of going from 3 cafes a month on Sunday to 8-10 cafes a month during the week (and one weekend celebration each month too!) is impacting us–in terms of volunteers, capacity, finances, etc.

Also, some folks who cannot get to the cafe regularly have asked about how else they can help. One area we can always use help with is contributions of food, especially butter (preferably real butter) and fresh, in-season fruit (click here for links to area farmers’ markets to find out what is in-season). You can drop off donations anytime after 12pm everyday except Sunday.

In peace,



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