HOUSE NEWS: No Thursday Cafe and other changes

Dear friends,

As many of you know, we experimented with some changes in the schedule during the months of August and September. And after seeing how things worked out, we’ve settled on a new schedule for the rest of the semester that takes into account what we learned from the new changes as well as feedback we heard from both guests, volunteers and others. There won’t be any wholesale changes, but we will tweak some things based on our Aug/Sept experience and your feedback. We’ll write more next week letting folks know the full schedule for the rest of the semester.

For the time-being, we wanted to let you know that one change will be that we will be dropping the Thursday Cafe and restarting the Sunday Cafe. We’ll do the Sunday Cafe twice-a-month, while continuing to do the Tuesday Cafe every week. We hope that this will allow many of you who want to help out but could only do so on the weekend to have that opportunity. So for this week, there is NO cafe tomorrow (Thursday).

With the switch, the next Sunday Cafe will be October 19th. We’ll be doing the Sunday Cafe similar to the same way we did it last year–a group (or several individuals) sign up to prepare the food (soup and fruit), serve the meal and clean-up. Simple and straightforward. So, we’re looking for a group to step up and take care of the Oct. 19th cafe if possible; if not, we’ll send out a request over the email list next week for soup and fruit and volunteers, like we did last year. If your church, organization or group wants to sponsor the Oct. 19th cafe, let us know by Saturday night of this week.

Lastly, we’re looking for a volunteer who would input our mailing list into Microsoft Excel. We just finished our latest newsletter (we’ll send out and post it next week) and our mailing list is on a rolodex… Setting up a database for labels and whatnot would be a big help for us. If you have the time and the skills, please email us at and we’ll get you all our information.

More on our anniversary, schedule changes, and new volunteer opportunities next week!




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