HOUSE NEWS: Sunday’s cafe is back! And gardening too!

Dear friends,

Change is afoot at the GCW as we incorporate lessons learned from our schedule experients in August and September. Here is what you need to know about changes to our schedule and information for “This Week at the GCW:”

SUNDAY DOROTHY’S CAFE IS BACK: We experimented this fall with a cafe schedule that would allow us to experience Sunday as our Sabbath day each week, but due to financial difficulties and to the number of volunteers who shared with us that weekends were really the only times they could join us, we have re-instituted Dorothy’s Cafe on the first and third Sundays of each month. We’ve eliminated Thursday as a cafe day, we’ll continue to do the cafe every Tuesday, and we’ve added in the first and third Sundays as cafe days too. One of the problems with doing Tuesday and Thursday was that we were needing to prepare all of the soup ourselves at the house, and because we were not gleaning from the farmer’s market (not harvest season), the cost of preparing 200-plus servings of soup twice-a-week was taking a toll on our finances. Sunday’s cafe will help there as we look for individuals and groups to help “sponsor” the cafe, much the same way we did it last year. So if your group or organization or church wants to sponsor an upcoming cafe (from now thru June 09), let us know; we would be grateful to have you. Sponsoring means providing the soup and fruit for the cafe, as well as volunteers. For weeks when we don’t have a sponsoring organization, we’ll put out the call for individuals to prepare and drop off soup at the GCW.

Our first Sunday cafe will be this Sunday, October 19th. Since we don’t have a sponsor group, we’ll need help preparing soup. Here’s the menu: 200 servings of vegetarian chili, fresh fruit (persimmons are in season) and homemade bread (GCW will bake the bread). If you can help us out with gifts of homemade chili and fruit, please let us know. You can email us and let us know what you plan to bring and how many servings; please have it to the GCW by 12:45pm since we have moved up our start time for the cafe to 1pm on Sundays. Here’s a link to a good recipe for vegetarian chili:

We’ll also need plenty of volunteers, especially this Sunday because Kelli and John will be gone. Volunteers would be needed for prep and set-up between 12-1pm, serving between 1-6pm, and clean-up between 5-7pm. The longer serving hours keep the timeframe similar to what we’re doing on Tuesdays (so as not to confuse our guests) and also makes for a more relaxed setting, with the same number of people coming to eat over a longer period of time. So please let us know at if you can come and whether you can bring chili and/or fruit.

OUR NEW COMMUNITY GARDEN STARTS THIS WEDNESDAY! This Wednesday, we’ll start a new community garden at the Rosa B. Williams/Union Academy Community Center in our neighborhood, Pleasant Street. We’ll work with the kids in the afterschool program at Rosa B to start an organic garden where they’ll learn about science and grow vegetables they can share with their families and at our cafe. If you’d like to work with kids and you’d like to learn to garden (or already love gardening), you can volunteer with us between 2:30-4:30pm at Rosa B on Wednesdays. The center is located at the corner of NW 2nd Street and NW 6th Avenue (caddy corner to the first labor pool stop for the Breakfast Brigade). Let us know if you can volunteer by dropping us an email.

WORLD FOOD DAY AND KELLI BREW AT THIS WEEK’S ROUNDTABLE: This Thursday, which is World Food Day, Kelli will lead the Roundtable in a discussion on food security issues, sustainability, bio-regionalism, hunger, community gardens, and more. She’ll share from her experience working for a food security organization, talk about ways we can cultivate more sustainable growing and eating practices and habits, and share some about the GCW’s particular approach to food. Kelli writes a blog that incorporates some of these themes, Our Local Life: What We Need is Here, as well as recipes for local foods, gardening, info on what’s at the farmer’s market, and more. Join us Thursday at 6pm at the RT; bring a dish to share if you can, or just show up!

For more information about what is happening this week and a look at our schedule incorporating the cafe changes, gardening and more, please click here.

GCW NEWSLETTER IS NOW AVAILABLE: We have just printed our latest newsletter, and we would love to share a hard-copy of it with you. Please send us your regular postal address and we’ll add you to our database and get a copy out to you this week. Next week, we’ll include a link to the electronic copy of the newsletter in this email and from the web site.

THANKS TO ALL WHO JOINED US FOR THE ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! Thanks to everyone who was able to join us last Sunday, October 5th, to celebrate the anniversary of the GCW with us. It was a wonderful day and we’re especially thankful to Servants of Christ Church for the incredible food and a group of folks from St. Luke’s in Middleburg who took over the bulk of the clean-up throughout the day. We all enjoyed the great food, music, and company! Thanks to all of you for your support of our work, for being part of our community and making the GCW possible. We can not say how grateful and blessed we feel.

In peace,

John and all at the GCW


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