HOUSE NEWS: It was cold

I have always looked forward to the first cold snap each fall. It usually comes in November and clears the air, zaps the mosquitos and dries up the mold and mildew.  Living at Jubilee House makes me feel a little guilty about that. While the extreme heat of late summer can put one in a bad mood, cold hurts. There were a lot of hurting people out there this week.

We are so grateful to those of you who answered our call for blankets and coats. We were able to stock up on both giveaway blankets and house blankets we use for cold night shelter. We didn’t have to turn anyone away for lack of blankets. 

We have had a number of people staying over the last few nights and anticipate still another night of offering shelter. It’s so good to be able to serve the basic needs of people who knock on the door. On Tuesday night, during scripture study, the doorbell rang several times. One person asked if this was “the blue house” (the name most folks on the street know us by), and when I answered in the affirmative, the man – dressed in short sleeves – said he had heard from some folks downtown that we might have something warm for him to eat. I was glad we had some leftover soup that night, and especially glad to be able to offer him a jacket and some socks.  It seems like a small, basic thing, but it means so much to a person who is cold and alone and a little worried about knocking at a stranger’s door to ask for help.  Thank you so much for helping us do this.



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