HOUSE NEWS: Roundtable, concerts and compost

For a complete list of what is happening at the GCW this week, click here.

Dear friends,

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed blankets last week! We gave out probably around 50 blankets last week, and when the next cold snap hits, we’re well-provisioned to help folks looking to stay warm. Many thanks again!

Thanks too to the JustFaith group from St. Anastasia Church in St. Augustine and to the Student World Assembly at UF for hosting yesterday’s cafe. It was a special “Day of the Dead” cafe, including special desserts, decorations and a poster where guests, volunteers, and others could write the names of relatives, friends and others who have passed on that they want remembered. We’ll pray for these people and remember them during our prayer time this month at the GCW. The poster will stay up throughout November if you want to add other names as well. 

This week, we’re very lucky to have Eric LeCompte, lead organizer for the human rights organization, School of the Americas (SOA) Watch, join us for Thursday’s Roundtable. Eric is an incredible and passionate young man, and he’ll share with us about the School of the Americas, the protests that happen there each November, analysis on US foreign policy regarding Latin America, and more. The GCW will be sending several folks up to participate in the action and vigil at the SOA on Nov. 21-23. Come to learn more, and bring a dish to share if you can!

Also, on Friday night, former Metanoia participant Erica Carlsson has pulled together a benefit concert for the Jubilee House. The concert starts at 9pm at Brophy’s Irish Pub, 60 SW 2nd Street, and features bands like Progressive Madness, The Wooden, and others. If folks want to walk over from the GCW, meet at 8:45pm. And thanks Erica!

Finally, we are the now the proud owners of a new, donated industrial-sized composter! John Then and Patrick, with a little help from Roxanne and Tyler, put it together this weekend. As fall gears up and we re-start our composting, we would gladly accept any and all bags of leaves you can send our way. We’ll use them as groundcover in the backyard and in the compost. Drop them off on the side of the house any day or night!

Thanks for all your support and we hope to see you this week, whether it be at cafe, scripture study, Roundtable, gardening or whatnot!

In peace,



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