HOUSE NEWS: Help the GCW and come to our Christmas party!

Dear friends,

We don’t often do this, usually just once a year over the email list (twice when we’re desperate), but we hope that you might consider giving a gift to the Gainesville Catholic Worker during this holiday season. I think that most of our readers on the site and over email know that we are totally supported by the work of our own hands and by the kindness of our friends who believe in our work and witness. We are a not a non-profit; we do not receive grants from any government agency or foundations; we are not tax exempt; no one at the GCW is paid staff. We do this work because we believe that it is central to who we are called to be. We do this work because we truly believe that we are all family–ALL of us–and that each of us has a responsibility to stand beside and work with our sisters and brothers, especially those who are struggling because of poverty, homelessness, injustice, oppression, addiction, and mental illness. And we can only continue to do this work with your support.

We have always espoused the belief that together, we are more than enough; and that if each of us shares a little, we find–like the loaves and fishes–we have more than enough to take care of all. If it is possible, we hope that you will share a financial gift with the GCW this season. Gifts to the Gainesville Catholic Worker can be dropped off at the house or sent to us at Jubilee House, 218 NW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. As always, you have our deepest thanks and we will hold you in our hearts and in our prayers.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Join us this Wednesday anytime between 6:30 and 9pm for our annual Christmas party at the GCW. Bring food and drink to share if you can, and come ready to trim to the tree, listen to music and sing carols, and more. Please email and let us know if you are coming and bringing food/drink so we’ll know how much to make on our end.

This week is the last week that we operate on a fairly normal schedule until after the New Year. If you have not gotten your cafe fix for the semester, today is your last chance! And the last Breakfast Brigade of the semester will be Wednesday the 17th. One or more of us will be at the Jubilee House all through the holidays, but we’ll scale back our regular projects until after the season.

Again, thanks for all you do, for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, for supporting us with your time and your money, and for your witness and work alongside us and the oppressed and forgotten in our community. Have a happy holiday season.

In peace,

All of us at the GCW


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