HOUSE NEWS: Check out the new schedule and welcome Kim to the GCW

Dear friends,

Our new schedule for the Winter-Spring 2009 semester is shaping up and we want you to note there are a few changes. You can click here now to be directed to the “This Week” page which features our schedule for the upcoming week.

DOROTHY’S CAFE NOW ON WEDNESDAY: Some of our friends who are homeless asked us to consider changing the weekday Dorothy’s Cafe from Tuesday to Wednesday, because Wednesday was a more difficult day for hungry people looking to find a good meal. Our friends at the Home Van and others already serve a meal on Tuesday, so we looked into how easily we could make the change to Wednesday, and voila! Dorothy’s Cafe is now on Wednesday. If you want to help out with preparation, join us between 9:30am and noon; serving is between 12-5pm; with clean-up from 4:30-6pm. It would be REALLY GREAT if some of you might consider making a weekly commitment to helping out at the cafe. Last semester was such a boom-or-bust experience, with some days having more than enough volunteers helping and others none at all. Steady, consistent help is a HUGE benefit for us. So think about making a weekly commitment and let us know!

BREAKFAST BRIGADE ON FRIDAYS: Several years ago we were really blessed to start doing the Breakfast Brigade (BB) twice-a-week because of a generous monthly gift from a supporter who underwrote the cost of doing a second weekly Brigade. We continued to do the second BB even after that supporter was no longer able to help (two years ago), but we made the decision this semester to return to just doing one BB a week. So plan on joining us on Friday mornings this semester for the Breakfast Brigade!

WELCOME KIMBERLY HUNTER TO THE GCW! Each semester we are honored and blessed to have new community members join us through the Metanoia Semester, our semester-long immersion experience into the GCW. This semester, we’re excited to have Kimberly Hunter, recent UF grad, join our community. We’ll be welcoming Kimberly formally into the GCW community at this week’s Roundtable and Potluck on Thursday, at 6pm. Come join us in welcoming Kimberly, give her advice for making it thru the semester with us, share stories about what she can expect, and celebrate with us as we offer a blessing for her time with us. Don’t forget to bring a dish to share if you can!

Note too that we’ll be hosting a morning prayer at the house on Fridays (starting this Friday, January 16) and Mondays, from 7:30-8am. All are welcome to join us. And Scripture Study will begin, still on Tuesdays, at a new time, in two weeks. We’ll keep you updated.

Also, we’re still looking for a chest of drawers and a small desk if anyone out there has any leads! Just email us back and let us know. And join the GCW Facebook group if you haven’t already at

In peace,



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