HOUSE NEWS: Cold nights and our first Mass in over a year

Dear friends,

To see the schedule for this week, click here.

COLD NIGHTS: When the weather is particularly bad–cold, rainy, etc.–we open our doors and share our home with people who are trying to find a safe and welcoming place to sleep for the night. We don’t have extra bed space for any long-term guests, but we decided that we would concentrate on this type of short-term hospitality for now and do what we can–a warm place to sleep out of the cold, a small breakfast in the morning, some coffee, and so on. This past week was one of our busiest, with a handful of people (2-5) sleeping at the house every night.

MASS AT THE GCW: We’re honored and excited to start regular monthly liturgies/prayer services at the Jubilee House again. Fr. John Phillips, pastor of Holy Faith Catholic Church and chaplain of the Gainesville Catholic Worker community, will join us to celebrate Mass on Thursday at 6pm at the house. This will take the place of our regular Roundtables, and a potluck dinner will follow the service. We’ll do this once-a-month, the first Thursday of each month, with Fr. John joining us when he is available. We hope many of you will be able to join us!

SCRIPTURE STUDY TUESDAY AT 2:30PM: We’re continuing to look at a section at the beginning of Mark’s gospel, concentrating on 1:29-39 this week. We may also take a look at the Hebrew scripture accompanying this passage in next Sunday’s readings, Job 7:1-7. We’ve also posted some background on how we do scripture at the GCW. Click here to read “Approaching the Story seriously as a story.”

JUSTICE FOR FLORIDA FARMWORKERS: The GCW has a long relationship with our brothers and sisters of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, and this past week we received an alert asking us to support them in getting Gov. Crist to take leadership on issues regarding slavery in the fields of our state. We hope you’ll consider adding your name to this letter on behalf of farmworkers, maybe even downloading the petition and getting additional folks to sign on. A copy of the letter is on the Jubilee House bulletin board if you want to sign when you’re here with is. Otherwise, click here for more information.

Thanks again for all of your solidarity and support. We hope to see you this week at the Jubilee House!

In peace,



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