OPINION: Our favorite Catholic Worker newspaper

Many folks don’t know that the first “Catholic Worker” was a newspaper–NOT a house of hospitality. From the very beginning, Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin were consistent (maybe insistent) in the belief that a newspaper was an important, even essential part of the Catholic Worker movement.

We make no secret of our great admiration of the folks at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker and our own attempt to live as Catholic Workers is modeled on much of what we have witnessed and know about their communal life and their mission. We are incredibly grateful for their support over the years that we have been doing this and we continue to take inspiration from them.

Much of that inspiration comes from the newspaper they publish, “The Catholic Agitator.” We get 25 copies at the house which disappear pretty quickly but we want to share with many of you that the newspaper is also available online at the LACW website. So if you’re looking for some great social and political commentary, incredible scriptural reflection, and poignant critique of our culture, check out the LACW online at http://www.lacatholicworker.org. And for the latest issue of the LACW, click here.

For some insightful reading on the problems of our current economic system, I highly recommend 3 pieces from the December 2008 issue: Jeff Dietrich on “Free Market Capitalism: Robbing the Poor;” Ched Myers on “Sabbath Economics;” and the interview with author Mark Engler. Mark and Ched are both friends to the GCW and we’re always impressed and thankful for their work. Click here to check out these articles in their December 2008 issue.


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  1. How can I get a copy of the Catholic Worker sent to my home? I used to get a copy of the “worker” on a regular basis at the Holy Spirit Church (Newman Center for UC-Berkeley students). We have long since moved away from that parish and now live in Merced, in the central San Joaquin

    Thank You

    David J. Batcho

    Thank you

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