HOUSE NEWS: Two Roundtables this week?!! Cool.

Dear friends,

To see what is happening this week, click here.

ROUNDTABLE, PART ONE: We are excited and honored to host our good friend Fr. Chepe Perez from Jesus Nipalikin community in Guatemala for a special TUESDAY Roundtable this week. The Jesus Nipalikin community is the sister parish of Holy Faith Catholic Church and Kelli from our community has visited twice, while her son Joe has spent the past three summers there working and teaching. Fr. Chepe will share with us on the topic “Liberation Theology and Guatemala.” We hope you’ll join us for this special night.

ROUNDTABLE, PART TWO: And we are also thrilled to have good friend Fr. Roy Bourgeois, MM, founder of the organization School of the Americas Watch for our regular Thursday Roundtable. Fr. Roy will be speaking on the SOAWatch’s “Latin America Project”. Fr. Roy is a noted human rights activist, a Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace, and a torture survivor. If you are unable to make the Thursday Roundtable with Fr. Roy, he’ll also be speaking at a luncheon, from 11:30a-12:30p on Thursday at Westminster Presbyterian Church (hosted by Emmanuel Mennonite Church, CODEPink, and others); and also will speak from 8-10pm Thursday night at UF in NPB 1002 (hosted by Amnesty International, the Religion Graduate Students Association, and the Latin American Studies Department).

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: It is difficult to capture what a graced experience living at the GCW can sometimes be. Many weeks, it is simply hard work and what I feel most is just tired. But I am coming to realize, after living here for nearly 5 years now, how much more there really is to see if one only has “eyes to see”: the former guest who dumps out his sock drawer into a bag and tells me to give them out to people who need them, because he read on our chalkboard that we needed socks; the current guest who lovingly reads a picture book about skunks to our 3 year-old grandson after amazing our 11- and 13-year old with magic tricks; the couple of limited means who have financially supported us regularly since we opened our doors showing up for an overnight visit with armfuls of bagels and Krispy Kreme donuts; the 66 year-old homeless woman who regales us over dinner after Wednesday’s cafe with stories of her former career as a professional model and dancer and performs splits in our kitchen to show us she’s still got “it;” the stunning mix of people–little kids and grandparents, black and brown and white, homeless people and students and working people–all being taught by our favorite Egyptian cook how to make falafel, then sitting down to one celebration of Saturday night dinner. Loud. Crazy, Boisterous. Beautiful. It is a sin that I am not more overcome by and grateful for the depth and beauty of this life and the lives around me every day.

Thanks to all of you who keep tabs on us here or in person, often dropping by to help out or to just say hello. For you, and for all of this, we give thanks.

– John


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