HOUSE NEWS: Kendera’s birthday, a FULL house and who stole our car?!

Dear friends,

For a complete list of what’s happening at the house this week, click here.

STOLEN CAR: Well, Spring Break is usually a fairly uneventful week at the GCW, seeing that we typically scale back a little, and the younger ones among us partake of the same spring fever that their counterparts at UF and SFC experience. But this past week, we were blessed with a story I’m sure will be remembered for as long as the GCW continues to exist. Our house vehicle got stolen. If it happened a little over a year ago, we would have had three vehicles, but one we gave away and the other we sold when it became too expensive to repair. So we were down to the Nissan Pathfinder that Anthony and Michelle Musalo so generously donated to the house about 4 years ago. The Pathfinder has also seen better days, but it was still good for hauling the fruits and vegetables we gleaned each week at the 441 Farmers’ Market, picking up groceries, helping formerly homeless friends move into apartments, etc.

But recently, if you put the Pathfinder into “park”, you’d be lucky if you ever got it out of park. So we took to leaving a key in the ignition, parking it in neutral, and locking all the doors nice and tight. Well, on Wednesday night, either we did not lock all the doors (I was the last one in the car, so maybe that should read “maybe I did not lock all the doors”) or someone saw the key and broke a window to get in. Either way, our car is gone. We filed a police report and several of our friends from the street have sworn they’ll find it, but we’re doubtful about seeing it again.

Soooooo … If anyone has any leads on a cheap car that runs good (preferably a station wagon or something with a little room for hauling stuff), let us know. Thanks!

KENDERA’S BIRTHDAY: Yes, Moraa’s mother is celebrating her birthday this week, Thursday, March 19th. Not sure if she wants her age known, so I’ll refrain from that information. We’ll celebrate at the Roundtable, but feel free to wish her a happy birthday anytime you’re by the house this week. Or leave her a message or share a story on the GCW Facebook page on the Discussion Board. Happy Birthday Kendera! (And a warning to all: this is the first of three weeks of birthday messages for folks living at the house. Counting Mohamed, four of our house community have birthdays within a month of each other.)

ROUNDTABLE ON HAITI THIS WEEK (WE HOPE): Junior St-Vil, executive director of Pax Christi Haiti, is supposed to be visiting us for the next two weeks if there are no problems with his travel. If so, he’ll be here Thursday to talk about Haiti and the economic and political situation there, as well as the work Pax Christi Haiti is doing with nonviolence education in the country. Check back later this week to see if Junior does make it here or if we have to switch speakers.

YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO MAKE SOME BLUE HOUSE PANTS: The Blue House Pants Project returns this Saturday, from 10am to 5pm. If you know how to sew or want to learn, click here to learn more.

A REAL FULL HOUSE: This week begins about 3 weeks of numerous guests. There are 9 of us living here full time, one current guest staying this week, Junior coming from Haiti for two weeks, and a group of 8(!) joining us for 8 days to do an alternative spring break with us. It will be the third year in a row we’ve had a group of students from the University of Cincinnati join us. They arrive Saturday, March 21. We hope many of you will get the chance to meet them and work with them while they’re here.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who pitched in to help with Brigade and Cafe this past week while many of our regular volunteers were gone. We are, as always, grateful and moved by your generosity!

In peace,



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