HOUSE NEWS: No Roundtable, Fundraiser Instead; Local Cheese, More Blue House Pants, and Congratulations Patrick

Everyone in the garden!

Everyone in the garden!

Dear Friends,

For this week’s schedule – click here.

What a busy week! The alternative spring breakers from the University of Cincinnati were a joy to have at the house last week – and very productive as well! Not only did they clear part of the empty lot we’ll be using as our new house garden, but planted a number of things as well. Within a couple months, if all goes well, our guests will be feasting on home-grown tomatoes, peppers, corn, cucumbers, squash, and okra while enjoying beautiful sunflowers and zinnias. We can honestly say we couldn’t have done it without them. Click here to see more photos!

Before and After

Before and After

This Week’s Highlights:

Blue House PantsThis Thursday, 1 – 4:30. We’ve been invited to take part in a workshop sponsored by the Diocese of St. Augustine: “Caring for God’s Creation: A Catholic Response” on Saturday, May 2. And we’ll be bringing a long some Blue House Pants to sell. So we’ll be ramping up production over the next month, sewing every Thursday between 1 and 4:30 and on Saturday, April 11, between 10am and 3pm. If you know how to sew, come help! If you’re learning, we’ll put you to work while passing on some mad sewing skills.

Socrates Cafe at Dorothy’s Cafe this Wednesday: A Socrates Cafe is basically a philosophical discussion group. The Cafes are carried out all over the country and in different parts of the world, and they originated out of the fear that most people’s everyday conversations were brow-beating experiences that involved excessive talking and too little listening. In a Socrates Cafe, the participants together decide on the questions/topics to be discussed. (Topics can be on anything; for example, some past topics have been “What is a just war?” “Who owns human life?” “What is an excellent marriage?”) Emphasis is on an open sharing of thoughts and opinions.

One will be carried out at the Catholic Worker House this Wednesday April the 1st at 3PM (near the end of Dorothy’s Cafe). Any and all are welcome to participate! Tatiana Gumucio, a Catholic Worker House volunteer and UF grad student, will be facilitating the Socrates Cafe as part of her coursework in Facilitation Skills.

No Roundtable/Mass , but come eat soup at the IFAH Empty Bowls Fundraiser! – Due to several schedule conflicts, including the fundraiser, we are canceling this month’s mass. Please join us for soup at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church at 6 and support the GCW:

On Thursday April 2, 2009 International Fine Arts in Healing (IFAH) will be holding an event called Empty Bowls at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (100 NE 1st St) from 6-8pm. “Empty bowls” is a nation-wide organization that works to combat hunger. Come join us for a simple soup and bread dinner, and take home a beautiful, handmade ceramic bowl! Tickets are $10, and all money made will be donated to the Jubilee House here in Gainesville , an organization that provides food to the hungry and homeless.

As well as soup, bread, and good company, we will have live entertainment featuring The Lower 13th St. “Good Time” Jazz Band, and a silent auction of handmade student and faculty artwork. Tickets are available to purchase now or at the door for $10.”

Fresh Local Cheese – A friend of the house raises goats and is beginning to sell goat cheese (up to now she’s just been delighting family and friends with it). Her dairy is not “certified” yet (an expensive process), but she uses the required methods and precautions in anticipation of having it certified. It is DELICIOUS, and we like knowing we’re supporting an up-and-coming local farmer when we eat it – spread on crackers, bread and bagels and plopped on chili so far. So far this spring she’s prepared batches of mild jalapeno, garlic and chive, and plain (you can salt and herb it yourself) at $10/pound. Raw goat milk is $8/gallon. If you’re interested in buying some, let us know, and we’ll be happy to connect you.

An Engagement and a Birthday?! No one can ever accuse Patrick of being lax in celebrating. Last week, Patrick popped the question to Catherine, and after a long negotiation, she said yes. So congrats to Patrick and Catherine! And congrats again to Patrick, whose birthday is coming up this Saturday, April 4th. Johnny and Patrick will be out-of-town in PA for his birthday but feel free to drop Patrick birthday wishes when you are at the house this week!

Patrick and Catherine

Patrick and Catherine

Have a good week. Hope to see you!

Kelli and GCW Community


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  1. Congratulations to Patrick and Catherine – and I pray the blessings of Our Lord be upon you and yours within your home.

    In Christ,

    James D. Chamberlain – Treasurer
    Society of St. Vincent De Paul
    St. Patrick Gainesville FL Conference
    4017 SW 20th Lane
    Gainesville FL 32607
    P: 352.642.4523
    F: 800.497.7806

    “If, in order to succeed in an enterprise, I were obliged to choose between fifty deer commanded by a lion, and fifty lions commanded by a deer, I should consider myself more certain of success with the first group than with the second.” -St. Vincent de Paul

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