HOUSE NEWS: Ever think about living at the GCW?

Dear friends,

To see what is happening this week at the GCW, click here.

Since we live, breathe and have our being in a college town, our schedule at the GCW tends to revolve around and mirror the semester schedule of the University of Florida and Santa Fe College. So like a lot of you, this week is a transitional one for us–we end several of our activities that started back in January with the beginning of the Spring 09 semester and we finalize our planning for May and June, before taking our summer sabbatical from mid-June to August 1st. Tuesday marks our last scripture study of the semester; our morning prayer schedule ends this week; and last week was our last Roundtable. Several projects will continue on their regular schedule–Breakfast Brigade on Friday mornings and Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesday. Keep an eye out too in the coming weeks for community garden and Blue House Pants opportunities.

THE METANOIA SEMESTER: If you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to live at the GCW, look into our Metanoia semester project, a semester-long immersion experience for folks interested in living and working at the GCW while learning more about what we do and why we do it. You can click here to check out more information. We may have a spot or two open for the Fall 09 semester, so if you are interested, talk with us sometime soon as we try and square away the house community by the time we close down in mid-June. Contact John at this email address or speak with him when you are at the house in the coming weeks.

MAKE A REGULAR VOLUNTEER COMMITMENT FOR MAY AND JUNE: Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesdays, Breakfast Brigade on Fridays and the Blue House Garden throughout the week–we would love to have you make a regular commitment to help out with any of these projects of the house for the months of May and into mid-June. It is such a big help to us to know that we can count on a handful of people to be here at designated times to help with any of these projects (especially Dorothy’s Cafe). Since several of our regular volunteers will be leaving this week, we’ll need to fill their spots and know who we can count on in May and June. If you know there is a regular time you can join us to help out in May and June, please email us and let us know!

To everyone who helped out this semester, a very appreciative thank you from all of us at the GCW. Your presence and willingness to share your life with us enriches and blesses our community. And a very special thanks to any of our regular volunteers and extended community members who will be leaving us. If you have a moment to stop by or drop us a line and let us know your plans, we would be so grateful to know what your immediate future holds and how we can stay in touch!

In peace,


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  1. Mary Beth Appel

    I’m with the House of Grace CW in Philly and one of our volunteers is coming thru Gainesville around June 6th. She is riding a bike from Philly to New Orleans to bring attention to immigration justice and to raise $ for our CW health clinic and the New Sanctuary Movement here.
    She is looking for venues to speak and maybe hospitality for 1-2 nights. Would you be interested, and if no, any other contcts in Gainesville who would be? Thanks so much. email me is you can help.
    Peace, Mary Beth Appel

    • Hi Mary Beth, did she already come through? We would be glad to give her hospitality for 1-2 days if she still needs it. Sorry for the delay in responding.


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