HOUSE NEWS: Gardening help, cafe, Breakfast Brigade, Blue House To Go

Hi folks,

For a complete schedule for this week, click here.

Thanks for the extra help people have provided over the past two weeks while most of our regular student volunteers were gone. We’re still going strong thru late June and appreciate any help folsk can offer, whether just once in a while or on a regular basis.

GARDENING: We are starting to harvest veggies (cucumbers were first!) from our organic garden and we could use extra help getting the garden weeded and regularly watered, especially with this dry patch we’ve gone thru. Weeding and watering are done on an as-needed basis, so if you ever have any free time, drop by and we’ll walk down with you and show you what needs to be done.

DOROTHY’S CAFE: Join us for prep, 9:30-noon or serving, 12-5pm, each Wednesday.

BREAKFAST BRIGADE: Friday morns, 4:15-7am.

“BLUE HOUSE TO GO:” A new project of the house that we started as a response to the limiting of lunches served each day at St. Francis House. Each Monday, from 9-11am, we’re preparing easy to carry “veggie pockets,” using veggies gleaned from the 441 Farmers Market and from our our garden. Once prepared, between 11-1, we’re leaving about half of them at the house to give out to folks who were turned away at St. Francis and have made their way over to our home; the other half, we’re taking downtown and sharing with anyone who was not able to get lunch at St. Francis. Extra help preparing or serving would be greatly appreciated.

In peace,



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