HOUSE NEWS: Last week til August, and we’re full again!

Dear friends,

For a full list of this week’s activities, click here.

CLOSING TIME: This will be our last week of operation until August. We’ll be taking our annual summer sabbatical to rest, rejuvenate and repair the house (and ourselves) from June 20 until the beginning of August. We are so grateful for how so many of you make us a part of your weekly lives: Karen bringing us desserts and various odds and ends regularly, Leah and Vicki faithfully at every cafe, Bob sweating in the garden, Gloria and Dave helming the Breakfast Brigade, and so many more… To all of you, thanks for making our fifth year in the Blue House so wonderful.

2008-09 BY THE NUMBERS: I’m a baseball guy, and therefore statistics are important to me. For the 2008-2009 year, together we shared about 4575 breakfasts during Breakfast Brigade; 5130 lunches/dinners at Dorothy’s Cafe; and we gave overnight hospitality to 29 different guests, a total of 447 days (for an average of about 15 days per each guest). We shared hundreds of more meals (maybe thousands) with friends and visitors outside of Dorothy’s Cafe, received mail for dozens of people, provided a phone or a place to sit and rest to countless to others, and so on. It is a grand undertaking we set out to do each August, and again it is through the generosity of so many friends and volunteers and the kindness of so many guests, visitors and friends that we can keep it all going.

FULL HOUSE: After emptying out for about 10 days, we’re back into the double digits. Three community members are still here, we’ve got two guests, and thru Friday we’re hosting TiAnna and 5 high school students from Holy Faith Catholic Church’s Youth Group, who are doing a week’s retreat with us. If you have a chance to stop by this week and spend a little time working alonside TiAnna and her students, I’m sure they’d love to meet some of our regular volunteers. Keep their group (and us) in your prayers this week.

So if you can, come on by and see us this week. Make your last Dorothy’s Cafe or Breakfast Brigade. And give thanks with us for another wild and interesting year gone by…

In peace,



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