REFLECTION: On biking and “The Kickstand”

NOTE: Some of you regularly read Kelli’s blog,, which covers some of what happens here at the GCW but also more broadly treats the question: “How can we live more locally?” When Kelli or I post entries on that blog which touch on the work of the GCW, we’ll post the opening paragraphs and a link to the fuller post here too, in case any of ya’ll are interested and want to read more.

Working on bikes for the homeless at the Kickstand

Working on bikes for the homeless at the Kickstand

There seems to be nothing bad that can be said about biking. At every level, no matter what facet you consider, biking seems to be an extraordinarily good thing: it’s a good form of exercise, there’s no gas involved and no pollution created, it’s a fairly inexpensive form of transportation, and it’s fun. What’s the drawback?

For myself, coming from a middle-class background, biking is a choice I make in terms of simple living, health and having a low impact on the environment. But for many of the folks with whom we work closely with at the Catholic Worker, having a bike is less about any of these things and more about opportunities for work, access to healthcare and social services, and finding a secluded and therefore safer place to live.

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