HOUSE NEWS: Tying up loose ends

GCW Spring 2009 House Members

GCW Spring 2009 House Members

Dear friends,

This will be the last email you get from us until we restart things in early August following our “summer sabbath.” But we did have a few loose ends to tie up:

ASKING FOR YOUR FEEDBACK: Part of what we do during our “summer sabbath” is reflect and evaluate the year just past, and start planning for the next year. As we do this reflecting, evaluating and planning, we would love to hear some feedback from all of you who are part of the GCW community. So, we’d like to ask: Why are you part of the GCW community? Why do you come to the house? What is it about the GCW that most resonates or speaks to you and keeps you coming back? If you’d like to weigh in, we’d love to hear from you. Join the discussion thread on our Facebook page or look for the post, FEEDBACK, just below this one on the GCW blog and leave your feedback as a comment. Thanks!

GOOD LUCK PATRICK: Patrick, who has been such an instrumental member of our community for the past one-and-a-half years, will be leaving us later this week to 1) get married to Catherine in late July, and then 2) start a MA program at the University of Dayton in Ohio in August. For anyone who has been at the house over the past year especially, you know all about everything that Patrick brings to the GCW. His friendliness, work ethic, compassion and general goofiness will be sorely missed. Thanks Patrick, and good luck to you and Catherine!

KEEP UP WITH US ON FACEBOOK AND THE WEBSITE: While we won’t be sending emails out to the list over the summer, we will be making some regular posts (and uploading photos, and whatnot) to our Facebook page, Kelli’s blog and the GCW blog. If you haven’t joined our Facebook group, we’d love to have you. On Kelli’s blog, you’ll read about how we’re learning to “live more locally,” with recent posts about Gainesville’s free bike project, recipes using local food, and neighborliness and hospitality. And given the chance to write some this summer, I hope to post some scripture reflections, any house news and so on on the GCW blog as well. Comments and feedback are encouraged!

MAKING ENDS MEET: Finally, we’d like to thank everyone for their generosity in helping us to make ends meet throughout the year. No one at the GCW is paid. We are not a social service agency, nor do we have tax exempt status. We do not receive any monies from the government or foundations. The folks who live in the house contribute to a common purse, from which we pay our bills and secure what we need to help the folks who frequent our home. But we cannot do it alone. So many of you do what you can to help us make ends meet and keep this work going. For that, we are always grateful. For anyone who would like to help us in supporting the work of the GCW–about 4575 breakfasts to day laborers thru Breakfast Brigade; 5130 meals at Dorothy’s Cafe; and overnight hospitality to 30 different guests, a total of 456 days (for an average of about 15 days per each guest)–you can send checks made out to the GCW to 218 NW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. Thanks again for your kindness.

Have a great summer and we’ll see you in August!

In peace,



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