HOUSE NEWS: GCW volunteers featured in the Gainesville Sun

By Megan Rolland, The Gainesville Sun

Word is beginning to get around town about The Kickstand, a nonprofit bicycle repair shop and sometimes music venue on South Main Street that is keeping Gainesville’s needy equipped with free and healthy transportation.

Sunday the shop was ratcheted up a notch as a handful of volunteers converged to repair a pile of unwanted bicycles for the poor and homeless.

“It was awesome. They had all the tools that we needed. They have spare parts. They have bikes that are just junk bikes that we could get parts off, and the main thing was the knowledge of how to get things done,” said Kelly Jones, a former University of Florida student who helped get six bikes back in working order on Sunday.

“Before I started I didn’t know anything, well, maybe how to pump up a tire,” Jones said. “They didn’t just do the work for you. They showed you how to do it and then let you practice.”

Read the whole article by clicking here.


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  1. Hi there, How do I donate a bike to the Kickstand? None of the phone numbers on the website work! It’s a great bike, just a little rusty. If somebody with a pickup truck is able to come get it, that would be the best.

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