HOUSE NEWS: Move-in week complete; planning week begun

Dear friends,

August is always a time of beginnings for us. Last week, August 9-15, was “move-in” week at the GCW. Kelli returned from her travels the week before, new community members Lawrence and Leroy moved in a week ago, Kim came home from the Midwest on Wednesday, and we took in our first guest, Miguel, on Thursday the 13th. With the kids, we’re a community of 8 starting off this new semester. Everyone got situated last week, settled in and acquainted with one another.

On Sunday the 16th, we had our house orientation, getting everyone on the same page for the semester, sharing a little bit about ourselves as we look to practice community with one another, and a crash course in the history, philosophy and practice of the GCW. Today (Monday) we cleaned the windows, bathrooms, did some landscaping and general freshening up around the house. We ended the day with out first house meeting of the semester, confirming the overall schedule (we’ll update it on the site later this week), setting start-up dates for our various projects, and putting together the house coverage schedule. We ended with our first official house dinner together and tomorrow we start our “house days” in earnest.

Since the students of SFC and UF are starting a little later this year, we are too. Breakfast Brigade will start on Friday, August 28 and the first Dorothy’s Cafe will happen the following Wednesday, September 2. We’ll add everything else in (Roundtables, Garden Days, Scripture Study, Movie Nites, Blue House Pants, and so on) soon after and be hitting on all cylinders by the week of September 13.

We invite you to reflect with us on new beginnings by sharing a prayer we used at our orientation last night. You can find it on Kelli’s blog by clicking here. We hope you’ll join us this semester and make the GCW part of your life, your community as well.

In peace,



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  1. Hey Gainesville CW!
    I am remembering the humid and rich smell of Gainesville in August. I hope the start of your next season is great. Thanks for keeping us updated. 🙂


  2. Hey gang. I pray that everything works out this year for you guys. I thank you for everything you guys do for the homeless people on Wednesdays and certain Sundays. Is it coming back soon? Thanks for the letter and best of luck to everyone there. Your friend, Matt

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