HOUSE NEWS: Breakfast Brigade begins this Friday!

Hi folks,

Now that the students are back, we’re starting back up our regular schedule. This week the Breakfast Brigade returns. We have no idea how many volunteers will show up this first time around, so please consider it. We get started at 4:15 baking bread, boiling eggs, and preparing fruit to bring to the labor pools at the crack of dawn. We’d love to have your help!

Next week we’ll be adding back the Cafe, movie night, and the Roundtable. The following week scripture study begins – and we will be on a roll…

Meanwhile, in case you’re bored, we came across a very good episode of Bill Moyer’s journal that we’d like to share with you. You can watch it here. A couple take-home quotes from Cornell West:

[Let’s just] put on the table something that’s very simple. How deep is your love? What is the quality of your service to others? Are you concerned about those on the margins, or do we define a catastrophe only when it relates to investment bankers and Wall Street elites, as opposed to the precious children in chocolate cities?

It’s the funk. It’s the funk of life… That’s what black life is all about. But in the end, that’s what human life is all about. How funky is your faith?

Hope to see you in the sometimes (hopefully) funky Blue House soon!


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