REFLECTIONS: On Van Gogh, seeing the light, loving the broken…

Van Gogh's Painter on the Road

Van Gogh's Painter on the Road

From Kelli’s blog, “What am I doing in Paris?”

I took one last train trip before leaving Paris – to Auvers-sur-Oise, the tiny town about 20 miles from Paris where Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted a few months before finally shooting himself.  I missed the daily train from Paris, so I took the RER (suburban train) to Pontoise and then a bus from the train station. Arriving on an empty street in front of city hall, I was surprised at how few tourists were there compared to the numbers at Giverny.  I walked in solitude up a hill toward the “tourist information” building and watched alone a little video about Van Gogh’s stay in Auvers.  Then, with the map provided, I followed a winding path through the village to visit some of the scenes Van Gogh painted while he was a resident.  He was a prolific artist wherever he was, and there were a number of sites marked with a print of the painting that represented it, scattered up and down tiny roads and farmland.

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