HOUSE NEWS: First Dorothy’s Cafe and more!

Johnny, Leroy and Miguel enjoying the last few days before the full schedule kicks in!

Johnny, Leroy and Miguel enjoying the last few days before the full schedule kicks in!

Dear friends,

For this week’s schedule at the GCW, click here.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with Friday’s Breakfast Brigade last week, and thanks too to everyone who dropped by to say hello and offer their support for the new semester. We’re excited about seeing old friends and the prospect of bringing new friends into our community as well.

MAKING A REGULAR COMMITMENT TO THE GCW THIS SEMESTER: One of the things that we really count on at the GCW is those volunteers who can make a commitment to one of our projects over the course of the entire semester. We love to have volunteers whenever you might be available, but we ESPECIALLY love to have those volunteers we know we can count on week-in and week-out for certain projects. As you look over your schedules for the next semester, we hope that some of you might be able to make a project at the house part of your regular weekly schedule–be it a regular shift at Dorothy’s Cafe every Wednesday, Friday’s Breakfast Brigade, Thursday evening Roundtables, Tuesday’s Scripture Study, Wednesday Movie Nights, Blue House Pants, garden hours, or so on. If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll pencil you!

FIRST DOROTHY’S CAFE ON WEDNESDAY: This Wednesday will be our first Dorothy’s Cafe of the semester. Typically we can count on between 75 and 125 guests to join us at some point during the day for homemade soup, bread, fresh fruit and a relaxing atmosphere. We need volunteers between 9am and noon to help with prep work, noon and 5pm for serving, and 4:30 to 6pm for clean-up. Let us know if you can join us this week or make a regular commitment throughout the semester!

FIRST THURSDAY MASS/PRAYER SERVICE: The first Thursday of each month, we gather as a community to celebrate in prayer together. Usually Fr. John Phillips, our chaplain and the pastor of Holy Faith Catholic Church, will join us in celebrating Mass. If he is not available, we’ll celebrate with an informal prayer service put together by the house community. Join us this Thursday and stay afterward for a potluck dinner (bring a dish to share if you can).

For more on this week’s schedule, including info on Breakfast Brigade, Wednesday Movie Night and more, click here.

Hope to see you this week!

In peace,


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