HOUSE NEWS: Welcome Leroy and Lawrence and volunteer opportunities for families and groups!

Riley and Youssef at the first Cafe of Fall 09

Riley and Youssef at the first Cafe of Fall 09

Dear friends,

To read a full schedule of what is happening this week at the GCW, click here.

Thanks so much to all of the folks who came out to dine or volunteer at Dorothy’s Cafe last Wednesday. We had a great first turnout for the cafe and we’re especially grateful to the folks who let us know that they could commit to regular weekly shifts at the cafe (Julia, Leah, Vickie, Stephen, Rachel… who else am I missing?) And thanks too to Fr. John and Mike from Holy Faith and the others who joined us in celebrating our opening Mass last Thursday! (Click here for photos from the first Cafe and more.)

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES FOR FAMILIES, GROUPS AND OTHERS AT THE GCW: We know how much volunteers have enjoyed our Sunday cafes in the past, but we’re faced with the reality that so many other organizations are serving free meals on Sundays (four at last count) and that our time and energy is best spent elsewhere. But we do understand the desire of families, groups, and individuals who are busy during weekdays to come and help. So here are some other possibilities (including weekend opportunities) we thought folks would like to consider:

  • First Thursday Mass and Dinner – A lovely, diverse group of people join us in worship and thanksgiving on the first Thursday of each month, followed by a potluck dinner. The experience of a home mass or liturgy is quite different than Sunday mass at church and one your family (or group or you) might enjoy and benefit from.
  • Thursday Roundtables On the remaining Thursdays of the month, we host a potluck and Roundtable where interesting topics of all sorts are presented and discussed. Check out “This Week” for the topic of the week.
  • Breakfast Brigade – Admittedly for the very hardy among you, Breakfast Brigade begins at 4:15am and is finished before 7. There is nothing like meeting folks on their own turf at the labor pools and sharing a simple meal. We have had groups of high schoolers in the past and even younger children join us. If it doesn’t work out for you regularly, perhaps during  Christmas break, spring break, or early summer.
  • Saturday Workdays – We will have garden workdays on an as-needed basis at least once a month throughout the year. Check our weekly schedule for the next one. Let us know if you are coming, and we will be sure to give you some good work to do in our beautiful empty-lot garden. Call or email us if you want to get your group scheduled for one later this semester.
  • Saturday Gamedays – We will be hosting a football game each Saturday during the Fall for our friends who have nowhere else to watch a game and relax. Your family or group is invited to provide sandwiches before or after (depending on the time) and snacks during (popcorn, drinks, nachos, etc.). If you’re watching the game anyway, you’ll enjoy watching it with this enthusiastic crew of football fanatics. Call or email us to schedule a gameday.
  • House projects – We regularly have various construction or upkeep projects that need doing around the house. If you or your group has some skill (plumbing, construction, landscaping, electrical, painting, etc) and would like to volunteer to help with repairs and improvements to the house, we could use the help. Call or email us to find out what needs doing or how we can match your skills to our needs.

WELCOME LEROY AND LAWRENCE THIS THURSDAY: Each Thursday, from 6-7:30pm, we practice “clarification of thought,” an examination and discussion of issues political, religious, economic and cultural over a potluck meal. Started by Peter Maurin, one the co-founders of the Catholic Worker movement, these “roundtables” are a chance to sharpen our minds around the great issues of our day. Typically we have a guest speaker who “breaks open” the topic for us with a 15-20 minute presentation, then the rest of the meal is spent in discussion. The first Roundtable of each semester is reserved for welcoming new community members and reaffirming the mission of the GCW. We’ll be officially welcoming Leroy and Lawrence as live-in members of the community for the semester this Thursday. We hope you can join us! It is a potluck dinner so bring something to share if you can!

LABOR DAY REFLECTION: Lastly, we were musing about Labor Day yesterday, and Kelli decided to write a short reflection sharing some of the origins of Labor Day as well as a little sense of where we are now. To read her short reflection, click here.

Hope to see you this week at the Cafe, Breakfast Brigade, Roundtable, etc! And a special “Happy Birthday” to Arthur, 40 years old as of Sunday! See Arthur, with his better half Jennifer, below from last week’s cafe.

Happy Birthday Arthur! (with Jennifer at last week's cafe)

Happy Birthday Arthur! (with Jennifer at last week's cafe)

In peace,



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