HOUSE NEWS: Mass/Prayer Service, Party, Socks, and Blankets

To read the full schedule for this week, click here.

MASS/PRAYER SERVICE AND POTLUCK: This Thursday, we’ll either be celebrating mass or having a prayer service depending on whether we can find a replacement for Fr. John.  Either way, we’ll eat together afterwards. It is a potluck dinner so bring something to share if you can! If you can’t, just come anyway. We hope to see you!

GCW ANNIVERSARY PARTY ON OCTOBER 4: Each October, we celebrate the beginning of the Gainesville Catholic Worker community. We started 9 years ago, October 2000, in a little house (Jeremiah House) just two blocks from our current home. We feel it is important to give thanks and celebrate with all of our friends and supporters who have been essential to keep this house going. Whether you are near of far, we invite you to join us for food, music, some speakers, and more from 1-4pm, Sunday, October 4. We’re excited to have the JustFaith group from San Juan Del Rio Church over near Jacksonville join us that day and provide much of the hospitality, but we also want to encourage everyone who can to try and bring some food or drink, potluck-style. We are so hopeful that many of you will join us.!

THANK YOU ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE!: ESL students have been faithful volunteers in our garden lately. Last week they planted beans and sowed carrot seeds. They are such a fun group to work with and we appreciate all the energy and enthusiasm they bring to the house. Thank you!

WE NEED BLANKETS, SOCKS: This is supposed to be our first chilly week with weather dipping down into the 50s, although it’s a little hard to imagine as I write…  Already, we have folks regularly come by looking for something to cover them for the night, and we keep running out of blanketes. If you can donate an old one to the house, it would be much appreciated. AND we picked up our first bucket of socks at St. Augustine Catholic Church and Student Center,where the Christian Service Committee are collecting socks for us to give out to our guests and visitors to the house. Foot hygiene is a big deal for homeless folks and we’ve instituted a “swap-a-sock” program at the house where people can give us their dirty socks and we’ll give them a clean pair in return. There is a nice bin (courtesy of Kimberly) in the vestibule of the church for folks to drop off new socks for us to hand out. Or, if you’re over this way, please feel free to drop them off here.

Hope everyone has a great week and we look forward to seeing you at the house!

In peace,
Kelli and John


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