HOUSE NEWS: The Blue House is turning green (literally)

Dear friends,

For a complete calendar of events for the house this week, click here.

First, let me welcome all the new folks who signed up to join our email list at my workshop in Jacksonville last weekend, our anniversary party last Sunday, and after Masses at St. Augustine Church and Catholic Student Center where I spoke yesterday. If you’re new to the email list, we typically send out a quick email on Monday mornings letting folks know what is happening at the house this week and inviting you to join us for any project that interests you. And if you’re on Facebook, feel free to join our group there too!

BLUE HOUSE GOES GREEN (LITERALLY): Over the past few weeks, we’ve been really blessed to have Danny, a long-term guest with us, fixing up a number of things around the house. From building and putting in new window screens to pulling out rotten wood on the frame and replacing it, the house is undergoing a steady transformation. But this weekend at Danny’s urging, we got bold and decided to paint the house, a project long on our list of things to do. So if you come by this week, you’ll see that the “Blue House” is slowly becoming the “Green House.” We like it and we hope you will too.

COALITION OF IMMOKALEE WORKERS TO GAINESVILLE, OCTOBER 24-25: Our good friends from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers will be in Gainesville with us the weekend of October 24-25 and they are looking to speak to groups, especially churches, on Sunday morning, October 25. Here’s the scoop:

“Farmworkers of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) will be visiting Gainesville on the weekend of Oct. 24th and 25th and are available to share in congregations about the conditions faced by farmworkers and how people of faith can join in improving them. They are available for Minute for Missions or a presentation after services or to share with youth or adults at religious education classes. The CIW is a community-based farmworker organization that has uncovered and assisted the US Department of Justice in prosecuting six cases of modern-day slavery in the Florida fields, freeing over 1,000 workers. Members of the CIW have been recognized with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award, 2007 Anti-Slavery International Award, and the Cardinal Bernardin New Leadership Award. For more information or if you are interested in having a farmworker share with your congregation, please contact Brigitte at or 239-986-0688.”

If you think your church/synagogue/mosque might be interested, contact Brigitte. More information on other events with the CIW for that weekend will be posted next week.

YES WE CAN…CHANGE THE WORLD: Our roundtable-potluck this Thursday is entitled “Yes, We Can Change the World,” and will be led by the GCW’s own Kimberly Hunter. Each of us changes the world somehow each day with our words and actions. Why not use our power, intelligence, and energy to work for positive, achievable change right here at home in Gainesville? Come out and join other Gainesville residents as we decide which issue(s) to tackle first and how to organize and begin. You can read more about Kim’s plans on Facebook. Bring a dish to share if you can!

RECAP OF LAST WEEK: A quick thanks to all of the folks who have been donating socks at St. Augustine Church and Catholic Student Center the past few weeks through the Christian Service Ministry there. We have received hundreds of sock and we’re now running a “sock exchange” out of the house, exchanging people’s dirty socks for clean ones, then washing the dirty ones and passing those on as needed. We almost had one of our friends die last year from a bad

Go Gators, Beat LSU!

Go Gators, Beat LSU!

infection that began with his feet, after wearing the same pair of socks for weeks. So thanks to all who have contributed.  Also, we had our largest cafe to date this year last Wednesday, with over 130 turning out for Santa Fe Chowder, apparently a new favorite soup of many. And we had about 20-25 folks join us for the Gator-LSU game Saturday night. All-in-all, a busy week, and we’re grateful to all of you who helped out, contributed, and so on. Many, many thanks!

Have a great week!

In peace,



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