REFLECTION: On the 29th anniversary of Dorothy Day’s death

Dorothy Day passed away on November 29, 1980, after nearly a half-century of leading by word and example the Catholic Worker movement. Dorothy is “up for sainthood” in the Catholic Church, and many who have not otherwise known of her life and work have become familiar with her and the Catholic Worker movement through the effort to have her named a saint.

On this day, the anniversary of her death, we share with you a short prayer sent to us by a friend in New Jersey:

Prayer for the Intercession of Servant of God Dorothy Day

God our Creator,
your servant Dorothy Day exemplified the
Catholic faith by her conversion,
life of prayer and voluntary poverty,
works of mercy, and witness to the justice and peace of the Gospel.

May her life inspire people to turn to Christ as their Savior and guide,
to see his face in the world’s poor and
to raise their voices for the justice of God’s kingdom.

We pray that you grant the favors we ask
through her intercession so that her goodness
and holiness may be more widely recognized
and one day the Church may proclaim her Saint.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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