HOUSE NEWS: As the semester winds down…

Dear friends,

For a complete list of what is happening at the GCW this week, click here.

HOUSE NEEDS: By the end of each semester, we typically find that we are starting to run out of a few necessities at the house. We need the following items:

  • Drinking glasses for Dorothy’s Cafe. One of the differences at the GCW is that the folks who join us for meals get to eat off of real dishes, with tablecloths and cloth napkins, flowers on the table, and so on. Keeping up our supply of glasses is always difficult because we use so many of them and they break so easily.
  • Blankets. Any blankets will do. We have already given out over a 100 blankets this year, and with the winter starting to come around, we anticipate more folks needing them.
  • Dutch Oven-sized pots. We could use 1-2 Dutch Oven-sized pots. We had two when we started the semester, but one went missing and the other is no longer usable.

If you are in a position to help, please do.  And if possible, please remember us in your holiday giving this year!

MASS AND THANKSGIVING: Join us at 6pm on Thursday for our first Thursday Mass with our chaplain, Fr. John Phillips. Following Mass, we’ll share a potluck dinner and be celebrating the end of another semester at the GCW. In particular, we’ll be thanking Kim and Lawrence for their time with us at the house and blessing them on their next steps. We hope you can join us!

NEW PROCEDURE FOR BREAKFAST BRIGADE: Starting this Friday, we’ll be doing Breakfast Brigade a little differently than we have in years past. We’re asking folks who want to do Breakfast Brigade to “sign up” for it ahead of time. We’ve been a little overwhelmed by the number of volunteers lately, and we want to make sure that everyone who would like to gets a chance to help with the Brigade, and that it is fully experienced by those participating. So we’ll be limiting the number of volunteers each week to about 6-8 folks. If you want to do Brigade this week or next (the last two Brigades before we take a break for the holidays), please email us back at or put your name down on the list at the house which will be posted on the refrigerator.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your kindness and care as we do this work together.

In peace,



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  1. Wonderful pictures of joyous Workers! I’m living in west Texas right now and was wondering if you have any live-in volunteer needs? I worked with Mennonite Central Committee and Caritas in Germany for some years…counseling refugees from the Iran/Iraq War. I can wash a mean pile of dishes and am in total unity with the Catholic Worker vision and life. Some years ago, I got hold of The Long Loneliness by Dorothy and wound up soaking in almost everything she wrote…as well as Peter Maurin’s essays. I’m middle-aged, in great health and would love to hear from you.


    Liam at the above email address.

    • Sorry to take so long in replying, Liam! We are not taking in new folks right now, but probably will again in the Fall. Our process is to have people come and stay for a weekend, then a week, to see if it’s a good fit for them. Let us know if you are interested.

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