HOUSE NEWS: Final Breakfast Brigade of the semester

Dear friends,

For a complete schedule of this week, click here.

THANKS: A special thanks to everyone who answered our call for blankets, glasses and pots last week. We are set on both glasses and pots now. We can still use blankets, so feel free to bring blankets by anytime if you have extra.

LAST BREAKFAST BRIGADE OF THE SEMESTER: This Friday morning will be our last Breakfast Brigade of the semester. Last week we started a sign-up process for the Brigade to try to make it a more manageable, as well as enjoyable experience. If you want to sign up for this week’s Brigade, please send an email to or send us a message on Facebook. We’ll send a note out to folks no later than early Thursday to let you know if you’re on the schedule for this week.

DOROTHY’S CAFE: We’re still on for the Cafe this week and next, so join us if you can, especially between 10-12 or 12-2 when we’re a little shorthanded. December 16 will be the last Cafe of the semester. We’ll “officially” be taking a break for the holidays beginning Thursday, December 17 through the beginning of January.

In peace,



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