HOUSE NEWS: Thanks and consider helping the GCW with your holiday giving

Dear friends,

Last week was our final “active” week of the semester. This week we’ll be finishing up a few odds-and-ends and then taking a holiday break until

Tommy with his "new" bike

Tommy with his "new" bike

the beginning of January. We wanted to take this time to thank all of you for everything you have given to make this semester at the GCW a good one. We are always grateful for how many people seem to find something in this work that they can find joy in and to which they commit themselves.

We also want to invite you to consider supporting the work here at the GCW with a financial gift this holiday season if you are able. We have always undertaken this work based on the premise that it will resonate with many people and that if many of us give a little, then we will find we have what we need to continue to move forward. As you know, no one at the GCW is paid. We are not a social service agency and we do not receive grants or funds from the government. The folks who live at the GCW contribute to help make ends meet, and we rely on friends, family members and supporters to help us continue the work. If you have the means and can offer a gift this holiday, we hope you’ll do so. Checks can be sent to the GCW, 218 NW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. (One note: This is not a tax-deductible gift. We are not a registered non-profit organization and we try to model

Leroy and Vickie on dishes

Leroy and Vickie on dishes

sacrificial giving in our community. If you want to know more about our decision to not register as a non-profit, feel free to contact us.)

Lastly, it has been right around ten years since Kelli started the Breakfast Brigade and Dorothy’s Café, as well as close to 6 years since we purchased this house and expanded our work. We have decided that it is time to revisit the vision that has guided the GCW for these many years and to evaluate what the next steps for our community and our work will be. To that end, beginning in January, we will be entering into a period of discernment with several long-time and committed members of the extended GCW community. This discernment period will go through the spring semester and encompass reflection on what we have been and done and where we want to go from here. The vision that sustains a community like the GCW needs to be revisited and evaluated every so often to take into consideration what we have learned, in what direction we are being called, and how to get there. We will arrange our community life and schedule in such a way as to allow us adequate space and time to reflect deeply and seriously. We’ll share a little more about

Football fun on Saturdays!

Football fun on Saturdays!

this process with you when we restart in January and we hope you’ll help us in the process as the months go by next semester.

Thanks again for being part of the GCW. We hope you have a peaceful, joyful holiday.

In peace,

Kelli and John


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  1. Hi, I am writing to you from Philadelphia, I helpout a loy here in Philly at the Catholic Worker. I am writing to you in hopes that you may be able to give my sister some assistance. She fled Philly so that she could get her life back in order and to try to give her children a better chance. She currently is in need of glasses and food. I knkow that here in Philly they have a Catholic Worker clinic. Do they have one there? If so Will you let me know what types of services they have and what are the equirements, Please?? She was in a domestic abuse situation and that is why she fled. My name is Gladys and if you will be able to help her please let me know or where she can get help. God Bless and thank you.

    • Here in Gainesville? We do not have a clinic here at our house, but there is one run by the downtown Methodist church. If she is in Gainesville, tell her to sto by the house sometime and we can talk with her. We have a “ladies only” Coffee House on Thursdays, from 1-3. That might be a nice time for her.

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