HOUSE NEWS: Volunteer Opportunities Galore!

For a complete schedule of This Week, click here.

The Epiphany Party was a great start to the new semester and to a new year. Delicious food, good company and lots of warmth – both human and fireplace-generated.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped get things off to such a good start!

SCHEDULING HELP: This week marks the start of house projects old and new – some with a twist. The biggest change is that we hope to schedule folks ahead of time whenever possible to insure that we have even coverage. Things go so much more smoothly and mean a lot more to both volunteers and guests when we have the “right” amount of volunteer help.  At the end of this email is a list of tasks and times for the coffee house, café, and breakfast brigade. Please write and let us know where we can plug you in; multiple time slots are fine by us!

THANK YOU: Also, a huge thank you to folks who donated blankets, jackets, sweatshirts, socks, and warm hats. The doorbell has been ringing regularly and a lot of folks have asked us to please let you know how much they appreciate your generosity. Thanks, too, to those of you who have donated coffee and coffee pots to the Coffee House project. We are looking forward to providing the kind of warm, relaxing atmosphere we enjoy at “real” coffee shops. Please feel free to drop by on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to enjoy a cup.

NEEDS: Hats, gloves, men’s jackets, fair trade coffee and tea


Tuesday Coffee House:
Preparation 12:30 – 1 (1-2 volunteers)
Serving and Kitchen Help 1-3 (2-3 volunteers)
Clean up 3-4 (1-2 volunteers)

Wednesday Café:
Preparation 11-12 (2 volunteers)
Serving and Kitchen Help 11:45 – 5 (4-5 volunters)
Clean up – ongoing from noon till 6 (3-4 volunteers)

Thursday Coffee House (see above for tasks and times)

Friday Breakfast Brigade:
4:15 – 7 (6 volunteers)

Have a good week! We hope to see you!


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  1. Emily Ceraul


    My name is Emily Ceraul and I am currently a long-term volunteer in Chaparral, NM. Chaparral is a border town and I primarily work with education and immigration issues.
    I would like to do another year of service ideally in a Catholic Worker House. I was wondering if you accepted long-term volunteers. If so, I would really appreciate if you would send some more information about it.


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