HOUSE NEWS: Inspiration… and Help!

LAST WEEK’S ROUNDTABLE: Lucy Ngatia’s talk on climate change mitigation in Kenya was so inspiring.  A small group of Kenyan women, noting changes in their community – fewer zebras  and other wildlife,  a shrinking river,  a disappearing snowcap on the mountain – decided to take action.  An important point that Lucy made was that it was in meeting and discussing that the women became inspired:  first that their observations were true – that each realized she was not the only one who hadn’t seen a zebra recently; but also that it was their responsibility to do something, and that together they could make a difference.  Even though “third world” countries do much less damage to the environment than the highly industrialized ones do, there is an impact – and these women refuse to shift the blame or wait for change. They are now growing trees in family nurseries and planting them to replace the ones used up for firewood. They are building cow sheds and learning to build inexpensive biodigesters (thank you, Dave Chynoweth!) to transform dung into energy with which to replace the wood fuel. Why the women? Because they care for the children – not only their own, but those “downstream” where water is becoming more scarce.  Listening to Lucy, I wanted to help them, but I also wanted to think about how the changes these women are making in their daily lives translate into things we might be doing here based on what we, here in Gainesville, see.  Such a “Catholic Worker Way” of seeing things – asking what one can do right now to in this particular situation to alleviate suffering, not waiting for the Powers That Be to come to their senses.

HELP NEEDED: We are trying to schedule volunteers so that things will be covered adequately during the coffee houses, Dorothy’s Cafe, and the Breakfast Brigade. We are still regularly running short of help during the Coffee House and the Cafe. If you can help, please email or call ahead so we’ll know you are coming so we can send out a request for more help if it’s needed; times and duties are listed here. If you can commit to a regular volunteer time each week, let us know that too.

COFFEE HOUSE CHANGE: Times are still the same, and good coffee and tea are still flowing. But we would like to try out an all-women’s coffee shop on Thursday. So, women volunteers, this would be a great time to volunteer.

Thanks for all you do to keep the “Green House” going. We hope to see you this week.


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