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HOUSE NEWS: Cookbook, Greens, Blankets, and Upcoming Retreat

For more information on what’s happening this week at the Green House, please click here.

Thanks to Gloria and Dave Chynoweth for their interesting presentation at Thursday’s roundtable on the Enneagram as a spiritual tool for better understanding our fellow human beings.  Gloria and Dave have been so supportive of our work here at the house since the beginning. Hearing them talk about their desire to understand one another better as a couple (with a very long marriage) as well as other people was inspiring. We really appreciate their willingness to share what they have learned.

Gloria has made some copies of a cookbook Kelli had put together years ago with soup and bread recipes. It also includes some recipes from Bill Demers – another local baker and soup-maker.  It’s got a number of the recipes we still use today at the cafe. We’re selling them for $5 – all proceeds go to the house. Thank you, Gloria!

And thanks to all the folks who have donated greens recently – both market farmers and school gardener extraordinaire Paul Campbell.  They do require some work before we can fit them in the fridge to store them for the cafe. If you are able to stop by and cut some greens next weekend – or bring some home to cut and return to us later in the week, please let us know!

We can still use some blankets if anyone has extras left. We still have folks stop by regularly asking, and we are down to giving them blankets off the beds. If you have extras, please call to arrange a time to drop them by. It’s supposed to grow cold again this week.

Retreat Opportunity: John, in his capacity as program director with Pax Christi USA, is organizing a retreat specifically geared toward students and young adults, ages 18-35. You can find the information on the retreat by clicking here. The retreat will be held in Keystone Heights, FL (which is between Gainesville and Jacksonville) on March 5-7. It will be an opportunity for prayer and reflection, discussion and celebration, planning and organizing. If you’re interested in participating, contact John at

John is out of town with work again this week, and it would be a huge help if Kelli knows who is coming on Wednesday (and can take a break from the cafe during the afternoon!). Please write and let us know if you are planning on being here to help out – Friday Breakfast Brigade too.

Thank you for all you do. We hope to see you this week!

Kelli and John

HOUSE NEWS: Roundtable on “Personality and the Enneagram,” and the rest of this week

For more information on what’s happening this week at the Green House, please click here.

Last week was busy and fun – well-attended Cafe featuring an abundance of good, local food including twice-baked potatoes, greens, and an almost entirely local salad; Tuesday’s Coffee house with tables moved around a roaring fire; a freezing, rainy Breakfast Brigade where shivering people waiting on the dwindling hope of work for the day were kind and gracious to our volunteers bearing a candle and hot breakfast.  Thursday’s “Ladies Only” Coffee House is still not well attended; we’ll give it a bit, talk to some more folks, and see if we need to change plans in March.

This Thursday is our monthly roundtable where we welcome a speaker who can get us started on discussions regarding current events and other challenging subjects.  In a world where people seem less and less able and willing to listen to one another, understanding where we are “coming from” seems a particularly useful skill. Gloria and Dave Chynoweth learned about the enneagram from Fr. Richard Rohr and will be sharing some of their insights on Thursday between 6 and 7:30 over dinner. Please bring something to share if you can.  But if not, come anyway.

Have a good week. Hope to see you!

Kelli and John

HOUSE NEWS: Coffee, greens, and garden dreams – and a bit of Obama

For more information on what’s happening this week at the Green House, please click here.

Thanks so much for helping last week with the delicious soups, fresh bread, and presence at the house! Everything went just right – even to the very last bowl of soup served at the close of the cafe.  We’re in a similar bind this week with John gone and Kelli here (except Kelli knows how to cook…), so please write and let us know if you can help and when so we can be sure we’re covered!

We have had so many greens donated from local farmers! Last week’s abundance combined with that of this week will result in a departure from our usual soup. This week it’s “greens and beans” and baked sweet potatoes. It’s a healthy,  hardy meal that our own family loves. If you are interested in trying it out for yours, here’s the recipe we’ll be using (x 50!).

February is the time of year, here in Gainesville, to start dreaming of spring gardening. After losing the water at our wonderful empty-lot garden last summer we had to adjust our dreams a bit.  We decided to try to grow as much as we can with what we’ve got – a small postage-stamp front yard with wonderful sun almost all day long.  We’re going to experiment with some self-watering pots and maybe window boxes to take advantage of all our assets. HOWEVER, we have bigger dreams brewing that are in the approval process (city-owned land). Pray for us; it could be WONDERFUL!

Also, we just received our copy of the Catholic Agitator, published by the Los Angeles Catholic Worker.  Many of you know how much we admire them and that we have modeled some of what we do here after Hennacy House. In this month’s edition, Jeff Dietrich, long-term LACW community member, writes a front-page theological reflection on the Obama presidency. So many of us wrestle with  the gap between our values, hopes, and ideals contrasted with political “reality.” Jeff’s article helps to put it into a broader and biblical perspective.  The Moral Captivity of Obama is an interesting read.

Oh, and we could use coffee donations – fair trade preferably!

Thank you – and hope to see you this week!

Kelli and John

HOUSE NEWS: Photos from the week that was

Click on any photos to see more from this past week. Thanks for all the help everyone!

A tight fit on the way to Breakfast Brigade stops

A tight fit on the way to Breakfast Brigade stops

Doing dishes at Dorothy's Cafe

Doing dishes at Dorothy's Cafe

Alexandria knitting, Maegan during down-time tea at Brigade

Alexandria knitting, Maegan during down-time tea at Brigade

HOUSE NEWS: Boy, do we need some help this week!

Dear friends,

John is at the house by himself this week so scheduling volunteers ahead of time is more important than ever! Please let us know if you are coming to help so we can make sure we’re covered at the right times! In addition to the projects and timeslots listed on “this week” there are also some special volunteer opportunities this week:

CUTTING GREENS: A lot of collard greens were donated this week and we need help processing them so they won’t go to waste. Tuesday during the coffee house would be an ideal time, from 1pm to 3pm. Also, if anyone is willing to help cook these, we can freeze them for later use.

LOOKING FOR SOME SOUP: Kelli is visiting her parents this week (her father is not well) and will not be cooking the soup. We usually cook up about eight gallons. If you are willing to prepare a gallon or so of soup, please let us know. We can provide a very simple (and tasty) recipe for lentil soup or you can cook up a batch of your own favorite soup. Please let us know as soon as possible if you can help out in this way.

BAKING BREAD: We will also need bread for the cafe. John can cook up a batch of 12, but if someone is willing to bake six-eight additional loaves at home, it would be a huge help!

Last week was a hectic, but exciting week. Michael Stoops from the National Coalition for the Homeless stayed with us during the early part of the week, followed by a wonderful group of young people from the Trail of Dreams. We also had a full house at the Cafe. The coffee house on Tuesday and Thursday is still a work in progress while we wait and see if this is something folks want. Meanwhile, the smaller numbers at those have afforded us the opportunity to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with people as they come, which has been very nice.

Email us at to let us know if you can help out this week!

Have a great week. We hope to see you!

~ Kelli and John