HOUSE NEWS: Roundtable on “Personality and the Enneagram,” and the rest of this week

For more information on what’s happening this week at the Green House, please click here.

Last week was busy and fun – well-attended Cafe featuring an abundance of good, local food including twice-baked potatoes, greens, and an almost entirely local salad; Tuesday’s Coffee house with tables moved around a roaring fire; a freezing, rainy Breakfast Brigade where shivering people waiting on the dwindling hope of work for the day were kind and gracious to our volunteers bearing a candle and hot breakfast.  Thursday’s “Ladies Only” Coffee House is still not well attended; we’ll give it a bit, talk to some more folks, and see if we need to change plans in March.

This Thursday is our monthly roundtable where we welcome a speaker who can get us started on discussions regarding current events and other challenging subjects.  In a world where people seem less and less able and willing to listen to one another, understanding where we are “coming from” seems a particularly useful skill. Gloria and Dave Chynoweth learned about the enneagram from Fr. Richard Rohr and will be sharing some of their insights on Thursday between 6 and 7:30 over dinner. Please bring something to share if you can.  But if not, come anyway.

Have a good week. Hope to see you!

Kelli and John


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