HOUSE NEWS: No mass this week, but a lot of other things

For more information on what’s happening this week at the Green House, please click here.

Unfortunately, we are discontinuing mass at the house for this semester. As much as we wanted to make it happen, John’s travel combined with all that is going on at the house has made it hard to schedule. Prayer – what a thing to drop during Lent…

There are still a lot of other projects brewing, and we would really appreciate it if you would email us if you can help with any of them this week. We particularly need extra help for the Tuesday Coffee House from 1-3. We always seem short-handed there, especially at the beginning.

The Ladies Coffee House had a few more takers after several friends made and wrapped delicious cookies that we gave out with invitations. So we’re going to keep going with it for  now. The women who come seem to really enjoy it, and so do we.

And thank you for the blanket donations! I think we’ve about wiped out everyone’s linen closet this year! With more cold days coming down the pike this week, give us a call if you would like to drop by any more.  Also a special thanks to Erika Henderson and her father Warren, orange growers at the Saturday Farmers Market. In addition to giving us great deals on delicious oranges all winter, they have regularly collected blankets and warm clothes. It’s made a difference and folks really appreciate it. When we can, we try to tell people where things came from – who made them, grew them, or donated them. It’s a pleasure to point out the connection between us, present in these concrete gifts of food and warmth.

We hope to see you this week. We also hope you are able to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful weather. We recently took a short bike ride to beautiful La Chua Trail and saw scores of alligators (over 100 between the trailhead and the lookout tower). We highly recommend it!


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