HOUSE NEWS: Spring Break: We KNEAD you!

For more information on what’s happening this week at the Green House, please click here.

We are going to carry on much the same as usual this week despite having lost the majority of our UF volunteers. So if you’re around, come on over and get your hands dirty – or doughy.

VOLUNTEERS:  We’d love to have your help with any of this week’s projects – but we anticipate needing help especially during the Breakfast Brigade (Fri, 4am-7am) and the “cafe”  on Wednesday. Instead of our regular sit-down dinner/lunch, we’ll be handing out veggie pockets at the front door during normal cafe hours. The ceiling over the downstairs hallway is being ripped out and some ductwork repaired – and it’s going to be a mess. If you would like to help prepare the veggie pockets (10-12, and possibly beyond) or help distribute them (12-5), give us call or email and let us know when you can come over.

OTHER HELP: We normally try to keep things healthy; there’s so much unhealthy food available to impoverished people and so little good stuff.  At the coffee houses we have been serving baked potatoes – and left-over soup or salad when we have it.  I have also made scones a few times, in spite of nutrition, trying to create the coffee shop ambiance.  If anyone has a hankering to bake something, or prepare a pretty salad or simple casserole for the coffee houses, let me know. We usually have 15-20 men and women on Tuesdays and 5-10 women on Thursdays.

Have a wonderful Spring Break, wherever you are. The weather here is lovely!

Kelli and John


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