HOUSE NEWS: Kairos, Garden Plans, and Project Help

For more information on what’s happening at the Green House this week, please click here.

We had a great visit from the CIW last week and really appreciated the work they did to bring the Modern Day Slavery Museum to town. We kept getting the same response from people visiting the museum or the house: “There have been real slavery convictions here in Florida recently?!?” If you didn’t get a chance to tour the museum while it was here, check out this article in the St. Petersburg Times.

KAIROS RETREAT: If you are a young adult, it’s not too late to register for the upcoming Kairos Retreat which will be held at the house on Saturday, April 3.  Check out the Facebook page for more info.

GARDEN TIME: While the parking lot garden does not look like it will materialize this spring (although we are hoping to do something in the median areas), Kelli’s son Joe pulled out some of the bushes in the front yard to make room for more veggies. That space plus window boxes (and perhaps some guerrilla gardening) should keep us busy and in vegetables during this beautiful spring. We’ll need some willing workers, so let us know if you’re interested.

HELP!  John was in DC this week for the immigration rally and for Pax Christi-related work, so…. Kelli will need extra help to keep the regular projects flowing. If you’re available to help out let us know when!

  • Help prepare, serve, and/or clean up at the Cafe (Wed), Breakfast Brigade (Fri) or Coffee Houses (Tues and Thurs) – see “this week” for schedule.
  • Bake a healthy casserole or quiche (or homemade pastry) for the coffee houses or fresh bread for the cafe.
  • Donate fair trade coffee or lightweight blankets (we’ve had several people stop by for blankets today).

Thank you!

Kelli and John


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