HOUSE NEWS: Spring, volunteer field trip, and sweat shops

Riley sprinkles a little "worm poop" on the bean seeds

For more information on what’s happening at the Green House this week, please click here.

After a long, long winter, it seems like Spring is actually here! Farmers have been donating twice as much food to the house, and the seeds we’ve planted for our tiny front yard garden are sprouting. In addition, the intrepid Bob the Gardener is committed to hauling water to grow a few things in our former empty-lot garden. Our friend Karen regularly brings by homemade casseroles and healthy desserts for the coffee houses. Folks eating at the house really appreciate the community effort involved in the food we serve. And it tastes really good…

We have some extra help rolling in this week, too, in the form of high school volunteers on a field trip to Dorothy’s Cafe.  Friend and supporter, Deidre Houchen, is accompanying a group of her P.K. Yonge students who will help prepare the soup and bread as well as serve for the first hour and a half. They read in class the book Same Kind of Different as Me, a bestseller about the friendship between a well-to-do family and a homeless man. I read it this winter as well and was impressed by the depth of humanity the book was able to give both parties.  In our small way, we hope that experiencing Dorothy’s Cafe offers something of that to folks who come to serve or to eat.

Time and time again, we’re reminded how important it is to actually know our neighbors, especially when our decisions affect them. The healthcare debate has brought this into sharp focus (more on this later). Choosing what we purchase also draws us into connection with people we may never see but whom our decisions affect greatly. UF student Emily Flynn’s group “Gators for a Sweatshop Free Campus” is hosting two former garment factory workers, Gina and Lowlee, who used to produce clothing for Nike. Come hear their story on Wednesday, March 31 from 7-10pm at MAEB 211 on campus and/or come meet them in person on the Plaza of the Americas earlier that afternoon between 11:30 and 1:30.

May this Holy Week be one of blessing, insight, and caritas.


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