HOUSE NEWS: Pizza makers needed this week…

Dear friends,

For a complete list of things happening at the house this week, click here.

If any regular, full-time, year-round Gainesvillians are available to help this week at the house, we would be very grateful. Kelli is out in Colorado this week caring for and visiting her folks and I think many students have hit the road for visits home for the summer or in-between the Spring and Summer semesters. So it would be great to have a little extra help if you’re available.

PIZZA AT THE CAFE THIS WEEK?! JOHNNY MUST BE IN CHARGE: Since Kelli will not be here this week and my culinary skills are seriously limited, I’ve decided to serve homemade pizza at the cafe this Wednesday. We got lots of good veggies that can be used on the pizza from the Farmer’s Market on Saturday (thanks for the onions Mr. Henry!), so I’ll start mixing and rolling out dough early on Wednesday. It would be really nice to get a few other folks who might be able to make a pizza (or two) at their own places and deliver them to the GCW on Wednesday before noon. If you think you can help out by tossing a pie or two and bringing it by the house, please let me know by Tuesday evening. Any kind of pizza will do!

NEW FACEBOOK “FAN” PAGE: After some encouragement from volunteers, we started a new “fan” page for the GCW on Facebook this past week. We hope this will help us better share what’s going at the house, as well as get some feedback on the wall from friends, supporters, volunteers, etc. If you’re on FB and would like to “fan” us (or is it “like” us now?), just click here.

VOLUNTEER SLOTS THIS WEEK: If you think you can help out this week, please let us know. Here are the slots where we’re looking for help:

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s Coffeehouses:

  • 1-2 people to help prep between 12:30-1pm
  • 1-2 people to help serve between 1-3pm
  • 1-2 people to help clean-up between 3-3:30pm

Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesday:

  • Donations of already done (or ready to be baked) homemade pizzas by 11:45am
  • 2-3 people to help with set-up and prep between 11am and 12pm
  • 3-5 people to help with serving between 12-3pm
  • 2-3 people to help with clean-up between 3-4pm

Breakfast Brigade on Friday, 4:15-7am: Need 5-6 Brigadiers…

Email me at or contact me through Facebook.

CONGRATULATIONS ALL GRADUATING STUDENTS: To all of you who have volunteered with us over the years who graduated this past weekend, we thank you! Please try and stop by the house before you leave so we can tell you in person! No one leaves Gainesville forever, so we hope you’ll come back and visit us whenever you are in town.

In peace,

John (and Kelli)


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