HOUSE NEWS: Wednesday morning help?

parking lot sunflower

For details on the schedule at the house this week, please click here.

We’ve got to be creative in making good use of the incoming produce, as well as the pantry staples we  need to use up before summer (when they magically grow bugs). And we could use some extra help in transforming it all into something delicious for Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesday. If you are interested in helping slice cucumbers, devil eggs, chop nuts, and/or peel oranges, please stop by Wednesday morning anytime between 9 and 12. Please let us know if you are coming if possible. We could really use the extra help this week as some of our stalwarts are not in town.  In addition, there’s always set-up at 11, serving between 12 and 3, and ongoing clean-up till 4.

If you can’t help, stop by and eat with us. We will be serving refrigerator pickles, deviled eggs (diverted from the breakfast brigade), orange “ambrosia” salad, Egyptian rice salad, and fresh bread – a light, cool lunch for another hot, humid day.

Hope to see you!

Kelli and John

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