REFLECTIONS: What they all say

our corner - 2nd and 2nd

Listen and look:  Wendell Berry reading his The Peace of Wild Things . . .  just beautiful.  And there are more where that came from.

Listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Speaking of Faith, while taking a long walk yesterday morning, I was struck again by how coherent the voices are if we have the ears for them. Ellen Davis, professor of “Bible and Practical Theology at Duke University, talks about the theological underpinnings of caring for the land. She recalls the repetition of the phrase “God saw that it was good” as creation unfolded and said it could be translated as “God saw how beautiful it was.” Embedded in the interview are recordings of Wendell Berry reading his poetry in that slow, careful manner poetry must be read. The poet’s voice, and the word arrangement on the page,  are created things – things that taketheir time and must be taken in slowly to actually receive them. Davis remarks that Wendell Berry has said himself that “poetry cannot be read in distraction” and that whatever slows us down must be valued “and maybe is a gift and even a calling from God.”

Don’t all wise people say something like this? That we must be present to the place we are in order to remember the place we hold in the order of things?

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