HOUSE NEWS: Moraa is two!

Like every parent, godparent, auntie, uncle, and baby-loving adult, we are marveling at how time has flown! Wasn’t she just born?

Baby Moraa with Kendera and Rose

Introduced to her extended family?

John, Moraa, Riley, Grace, and Johnny

Spending her days being held and cuddled by everyone under the roof? She is irresistible I tell you…

At 2 months with Patrick and Catherine (who are expecting a baby of their own!)

At five months with Ms. Maggie

At 8 months with Mr. Mohamed

With Fr. Roy Bourgeois

It seems like yesterday she was content to sit up in her high chair and play.

At one, with Riley

And now, she’s one of the big kids!

Moraa, Riley, Solomon

We are so grateful for Moraa. Her little sweet life has brought us so much joy. And we are doubly grateful because she and her mama, Kendera, will be moving back to the house soon! Kendera says that living at the Green House “ruined” her, that she really likes this life.  And, oh, how we need her warm, calm, loving presence here – and all the gifts she brings (in addition to Moraa). A lot to celebrate!


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  1. What a lovely tribute to Moraa and Kendera! Thanks for sharing!

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