HOUSE NEWS: Fall 2010

It took some extra discernment this time around to figure out how to proceed while taking into account work schedules and a limited budget.  But proceed we are, to the best of our ability, and with great hope that this semester will be a good one for all who come to the house.

As always we try to match the skills, resources, and passions of folks who have those to give with the needs of impoverished people in the community. Our highest hope for the house is that it will be a “meeting place” for people who might not otherwise get to know each other – a place that is comforting, challenging, interesting and engaging.

For those of you who have been active in the past, you will notice a few big changes in the schedule. The most painful change for us was to eliminate the venerable, ten-year old Breakfast Brigade. While this has been a wonderful connection with folks who work at the labor pools and a fun way to gather together in the wee hours to bake bread and share it with some very appreciative folks, it is very draining of resources, both financial and leadership-wise. That, in combination with the fact that day labor itself is dwindling due to changes in the economy, make this a project that we’ve decided to end in order to free up time, energy, and resources for other projects.

The Café will continue but move to Monday in order to keep fresh the veggies we get from the Farmers Market on Saturday. The logistics of finding cool storage for the abundant produce was daunting; this will help a lot. In addition, we are going to shorten the actual serving time to 12-2. We are also hoping to make the preparation time an actual opportunity for people to learn to bake bread and prepare soup and other dishes from local food. To that end, we are asking for four people to sign up for a four week stint of food preparation, at the end of which we hope you might  feel confident enough to take a leadership role at a future cafe :-). To sign up for the month of September, just shoot Kelli and email: gvillecw[at]yahoo[dot]com. Servers and clean-up help can sign up on a weekly basis as usual.

On Tuesday afternoons, Kendera will host an Art Workshop from 1-5. Local artists will teach participants how to create beautiful items from recycled materials. Participants will be invited to sell their creations at the house on consignment if they wish.  A portion of the proceeds will go toward helping support the house, and a portion to the creator.

The Roundtable and Potluck Dinner will continue as a weekly event. We have some ideas for speakers and plan to have a monthly mass as well. There will also be some dinners that will simply be a chance to share a meal and discuss a timely topic. We will let you what’s planned on a weekly basis by email.

Saturday will be a day for group projects like hosting football game parties (when there is a Gator games on a channel we get) , gardening projects, and food projects like preparing produce for Monday’s café, canning and freezing excess, and distributing anything we can’t use to folks who need it.

Monthly we will host a Knitting Circle at the house – 1st Monday (this Monday!) –for folks who know how to knit or crochet and for those who have skills to share. Come work on your own project or knit warm things for folks who will be out in the cold in the winter. We have some scrap yarn for practicing (or for hats and scarves), but you will need to bring your own needles.  Crocheters welcome too!

Take a look at our general weekly schedule at the bottom of this page for an idea of how things will go from week to week. Most importantly, check out the “This Week” tab for specifics on this week of new projects and old, including Dorothy’s Cafe, the first Knitting Circle, the first Art Workshop, a Roundtable on our community’s response to September 11 anniversary, and Community Gardening.

We are looking forward to seeing you this semester!


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