HOUSE NEWS: Family and Friends Roundtable and Blanket Thank You

For more details on what’s happening this week, click here.

Thank you so much for the outpouring of blankets! While it’s hard to imagine ever actually needing them again while it’s in the 90s, more cold weather is around the corner. It will be so good to answer, “yes!” when folks start asking again.

The Wednesday Cafe was a big success; we were about back up to our regular numbers again. It’s so rewarding to have a full house – especially for those cooking.  Our October chefs are preparing Baked Bean Soup and Beans and Greens this week. Please drop by between noon and 2 if you have the chance.  It will be good.

Last Thursday’s Roundtable was so interesting thanks to Scott Robertson and all the participants. A few more meetings like that and we’ll be able to start the Revolution. If you weren’t there, here’s some of what you missed. We plan on inviting Scott back soon to continue the discussion. This week  though, the last Thursday of the month, we’ll host a Family Roundtable, no planned discussion – just good food and table conversation for friends and family. If you’ve never been to the house, this is also a great way to become acquainted!

Hope to see you this week!


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